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Face Off: Kate Beckinsale vs. Emmanuelle Chriqui

01.09.2017by: Droz

It was yet another win for Alexandra Daddario over 2016's darling, Margot Robbie, in last week's Face Off. Once again Alexandra proves to be unbeatable in most things, with the exception of her chosen profession of acting. That's funny, as I always thought looks and sex appeal were all you needed to be the biggest star ever. Clearly something has gone haywire there with Alex.

So it appears Kate Beckinsale's latest UNDERWORLD offering has predictably tanked here in the US. Fortunately for them, they didn't put much money into it so it's already made a profit despite its lukewarm reception. Unfortunately for us, making that profit could elicit yet another unnecessary sequel. At this point there seems to be only one reason to see these movies, namely Kate in skin tight body suits. She's been wearing those suits for 15 damn years now, if you can believe that. Clearly making UNDERWORLD movies is good for one's longevity, as she looks just as hot at 43 as she did when she was 28 - maybe even better. Kind of reminds me of Emmanuelle Chriqui who, despite not having a franchise of her own to beat like a dead horse, is also doing wonders with post 40 hotness. Which wondrous 40+ hottie does the most for you?


Watching one of Kate's early roles in 1993's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING recently, pointed out to me just how much I prefer her now than I did then. While Kate was cute back in those days, she somehow had nothing on herself 20 years down the line. How does this happen? I don't know. It's not like Kate has had anything significantly altered since then to make herself better. Perhaps her looks just needed a little more time to season. Whatever it is, Kate is a full on knockout.

Emmanuelle is another case of a hottie who has only improved with age. She's been pretty much untouched since the 90s. I see her compared now to other beauties close to half her age and still enjoying superiority over those younger challengers. They both abide by the old "fine wine" analogy with remarkable endurance. And I don't see either one turning to vinegar any time soon. I probably could make this a tie, but for some reason I'm a little more about Kate. But only a little bit.


Obviously Kate is as tight as steel drum. You just don't see women with her kind of rock hard physique in their 40s. There's usually by that point some sort of natural decline, but I'll be damned if I can find anything on her that doesn't look like it was ripped off a 20-year-old's bod. While Kate's tightness is impressive, I'm not as big a fan of tight as I am Emmanuelle's more plump and bouncy frame. That's just me though.

It's obvious Emmanuelle has had a little something extra installed in her bikini top since the above pic was taken. That's okay, because it was a damn fine job - almost as fine as the rest of her, which has always been a treat. Her international heritage has blessed Emmanuelle with a modest but effective curvaceousness I find more pleasing than any other. She's got the kind of body I could rub and squeeze all over forever.


A regal hottie like Kate would make more sense as some royal's wife and private sex kitten, waving from the back of a car at adoring crowds and never making a spectacle of herself. Princess Kate. Good thing she never went that route. Instead, she made her hotness a much more democratic affair. She gives us quite a show on a regular basis around here. Few can compare to Kate or the effect she and her top notch hotness has on all of us whenever she shows up.

I'd put Emmanuelle on the same level as Kate when it comes to the miracles they make happen as hotties. I'm just as eager to see what new parts of herself Emmanuelle decides to show off with each magazine spread or red carpet event. She and Kate both have a wonderful knack for looking tasty in just about anything. I don't feel right about anything but a tie game on this one.


These two share a common injustice in that they're both criminally underutilized as actors. Kate's got plenty of skills as an actor just waiting for someone to come along and make use of them. She does just that in modest movies from time to time, but rarely does Kate get to show what she can do in bigger productions. It's a shame she has to rely on such crap movies to keep herself relevant. Just one more dumb thing about Hollywood to add to the list.

We've commented quite a bit about how criminally undervalued Emmanuelle is as an actress. Granted, she's not the best who ever read some lines in something, but she's okay. I can think of all sorts of ways she might be a regular fixture in entertainment. Fortunately her strange absence seems to be lessening as of late. She's getting roles in movies and TV shows again. Kate's past and present work might be more substantial, but at least Emmanuelle is no longer absent.


When you're talking about famous hotties with a few years behind them, you're getting into exclusive territory. While their numbers are increasing, there is still a minority who truly hold up well. Both Kate and Emmanuelle stand out in this group, but Kate is one of the even fewer who only seems to get better as the years pass. If only that were true of us all.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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