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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Natalie Portman

11.11.2013by: Droz

There was a clear preference for AnnaSophia Robb over Maria Menounos in last week's Face Off. Yeah, hers is a pretty fine ass. So is Maria's. I go back and forth on who's better. Then again, going back and forth on those two sounds like a pretty good idea.

It's pretty incredible how virtually everyone in Hollywood is doing or has done something in a comic book movie. More and more big actors are being swooped up into the big money maelstrom of this ever growing genre of movie making. Even those who aren't big actors are becoming big just by appearing in these movies. One of the newest members in this club is Karen Gillan, who will be playing Nebula in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY next year. That should help catapult her closer to the A-list come 2014. Then you got your comic book vets like Natalie Portman, who's done a few comic movies now. Together they constitute the past, present and future of this well tread genre of film. Now we got to ask ourselves the big question - which one of these two looks better with a shaved head?


These two ladies have a rare ability to completely disarm with their beauty. You just don't see combinations like these in everyday life. Karen's got that extra special mix of red hair, brown eyes and porcelain skin that for me is just about the best combination of female beauty there is. Put on top of that a sweet smile and a that Scottish brogue and she's pretty much a lock for my beauty vote.

Natalie has always been and probably always will be a knock out. She has already secured her place as one of the great beauties in Hollywood history, thanks in large part to her Israeli heritage, which has a way of creating such a consistently hot population of ladies. Of course, she puts her own spin on that. She's just so adorable and sweet, particularly when she cries. It might be weird to say that she's gorgeous when she's upset, but she totally is. It's a guy thing. She makes me want to comfort her.


Does Karen have a bad body? Certainly not. I have little doubt there is ample sexy happening under them clothes, but I haven't yet gotten a good view of the entirety of what she brings there. I have heard tell of a nude or semi-nude scene happening in her new movie NOT ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING. I haven't seen anything of that yet, which is why I'm going with Natalie, who I have seen a little bit of. I wouldn't be surprised though if a future naked Karen experience could change my vote here.

I'm sure by now most of you have caught Natalie's nude scenes from the Wes Anderson short HOTEL CHEVALIER or CLOSER. If you haven't, Google that shit, because waiting for you is one sexy little body, that sweet little butt in particular. Even the annoying presence of Jason Schwartzman couldn't ruin the glory of bare Natalie ass coming at you. I know her character was giving Jason's character a lot of shit in CHEVALIER, but for an ass like that, I'd probably put up with just about anything.


I hear Karen is quite the wildcat in real life. Unfortunately her roles to date haven't really allowed her to show much of that off in her acting work. Now that her time as a companion to The Doctor is done and she's moved on to other things, I'm sure she'll have plenty of chances to spread her hotness wings. Although for me her hotness is just a given. Add it up - she's Scottish, redheaded, brown eyes, kind of wild, kind of geeky and on and on. She might as well have sprung forth from my dreams.

I doubt anyone could successfully argue against Natalie's hotness. It's just a given. However, between the two of these ladies, I'm a little bit more in Karen's corner. She's just more my style overall. Plus, I get the impression that being hot isn't as important to Natalie as it once was. I guess I can understand that. Years of being an object of intense desire from a vast army of geeks must surely have that effect. And I'm sure being a mom has switched her priorities too. None of that matters anyway, because I'm always going to have a special fondness for her.


My prediction is that Karen is on the cusp getting super big in the biz. However, she's not up to Natalie's A-list status just yet. It's quite possible this Marvel movie will help her out there. Or maybe it will be something else. However it happens, I think she's got the right recipe to be an even bigger star than she already is. We will just have to wait and see on that one.

With a natural talent that's earned her an Oscar and a ton of high profile movie roles, I'd say Natalie is by now a lifetime member in the A-list. She's certainly become a phenomenon in multiple genres of movie-making. She's also an international standard for beauty, what with her cosmetics modelling gigs. She's one of those names people will remember for years and years to come.


Doesn't feel right to be voting against the hot redhead from the UK. Unfortunately, I think the career category got the better of Karen when weighed against Natalie. As far as the rest goes, I'm fairly confident in calling them an even match. I still can't decide who looks better sans hair though.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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