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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Deborah Ann Woll

04.07.2014by: Droz

It was probably foolish to think that Khaleesi was ever in danger of losing a Face Off, even against a hottie like Natalie Dormer. Girl has a powerful following and rightfully so. Not much one can say against her.

Redhead hottie Karen Gillan has her movie OCULUS coming out this week. Definitely one of the best ladies with the crimson locks out there. That makes me think about another befreckled beauties who might stand up to Karen in terms of hotness potential. There are quite a few I enjoy, but if I had to pick my top two modern day redheads, I'd have to go with Karen and her competition Deborah Ann Woll, who will be wrapping up HBO's True Blood and her baby vampire character Jessica Hamby later this summer. I'm not much for swooning, but these ladies can easily put me in a full on swooning situation. So which of these two ginger beauties do you love more?


There's no way I could ever say that one head of natural red hair is better than the other. So in that respect, these two are pretty much evenly matched. As far as faces go, I find Karen as sweet as honey. Some of the expressions she makes are just adorable. Then there's her Scottish heritage, which comes complete with that great accent. Not to mention the porcelain skin commonly seen in the redheads. It all comes together to make one beautiful package.

When Deborah first came to my attention, she was playing the victim of vampire justice. I was fond of her hair, but the rest of her seemed fairly unremarkable. But then her character got literally vamped up, helping her blossom in more ways than one. It became obvious pretty quick how truly beautiful Deborah is when given the chance to show it. She literally glows, like so many ginger beauties are known to do.


Nothing at all to complain about on Karen's body. Quite the contrary. She might be slightly less full in certain areas than her competition here, but she still has plenty to enjoy. If anything distinguishes one from the other for me, it's the anticipation factor I speak of over on Deborah's side. Other than that, I'd be delirious to have access to Karen.

They've spent years teasingly handing out mostly covered or otherwise obscured views of Deborah's body on True Blood. Even as most every other character gets down to all kinds of debauchery, she remains the lone holdout there. Somehow, they always manage to keep her covered. That's a shame, because out of all the hotties on that show, Deborah is the hottest, at least in my opinion. I'd give just about anything to see her finally take it off entirely.


Karen showed a few different sides of herself on Doctor Who, but she was usually the sweetheart companion and little sister of sorts to the good doctor. Despite not having a ton of opportunities to show off her hot side there, Karen has more than made up for that in subsequent movies and shows. She's also proven to be something of a wild one in real life as well. That leaves little dispute about her hotness.

Deborah's hotness potential started out slow, but when her character Jessica began to court the so-called "fang banger" crowd on True Blood, boy oh boy did a new and wonderful side of Deborah come out strong. Of course, that's probably more Jessica than Deborah, but damn if she doesn't look good doing what she does as the sex crazed baby vampire on that show.


Whatever this Oculus thing Karen has coming out looks like the standard horror movie retread. Sometimes those can surprise though, so who knows. Most of us know that Karen's real 2014 event is her role as Nebula in Marvel's eccentric-looking GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY later this August. And of course, there's that Doctor Who cred, which is still very much a factor in things. It remains to be seen what that cred is going to do for her in years to come, but for now Karen is riding pretty high.

I'm not sure what's going to become of Deborah once True Blood wraps this summer. I never see her in anything else. I know she does other stuff, but I don't see any of it around my favorite TV channels or movie theaters. Hopefully she gets in on something else substantial enough to cross my path. Fingers crossed on that. I like what Deborah does and I'd be pleased as punch if she stuck around.


Karen and Deborah are powerful hot women and the stuff of many a personal fantasy of mine. Deciding between two such beautiful redheads is a Sophie's Choice situation for me. I never liked that movie, so I'm content to be indecisive here.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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