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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Alicia Vikander

01.22.2018by: Droz

We've had a lot of fun the last few weeks getting back into the JUMANJI world with WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. I know my favorite part of that whole movie-going experience was Karen Gillan running around in her little sexy midriff outfit. Along those same lines are the recent trailers for the rebooted TOMB RAIDER movie starring Alicia Vikander showing off in her very own provocative, action-oriented garb. Obviously both these ladies have achieved glory in many different venues. Yet for the time being we're getting the most out of watching them getting hot in mid latitude locales. Which jungle movie hottie do you think kicks the most ass?


I had to muse on this one a little while. Both these women possess a look I find highly desirable, but in the end Karen and her natural redhead qualities won me over. That's not the whole story with her. Quite obviously she's also a very beautiful woman. But ultimately, it does come down to the persuasive power a vibrant head of red hair has on my affections. I'm a total sucker for it.

I kinda feel bad not giving Alicia as much love here, as she really does deserve it. I can't think of any occasion when she didn't come across totally adorable. I know her skills as an actress are supposed to take precedence, but she is about as cute as they come with those big doe eyes of hers. Hard not to get smitten by such a face.

To be perfect honest, I'm not crazy about either hottie's build in this case. Being a big fan of the women with substantial gifts in the boobs and asses area makes it something of a challenge to get truly excited about what these two have to offer. That's just me though. Someone else who likes a more petite build will no doubt find all sorts of things to like about these two. Have at it. Me, I had to flip a coin.

← There.

Is it weird I still find Karen hot when she's wrapped up in her decidedly not hot Nebula makeup in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? Can't help it. I have yet to experience much of anything she doesn't manage to infuse some degree of sexy into somehow. Then you got those moments when the central point of the gig is to show off just how hot Karen can be. Those are the truly special moments fans like myself treasure the most.

I could point out all of Alicia's nude scenes and sex scenes as justification for giving her a vote here. What I find even hotter than those moments is her penchant for them. Or if it's not a penchant, a clear lack of intimidation about doing such scenes. That's a European thing, right? They're more open-minded about that stuff. Even so, it's not every day you see someone so pretty and delicate taking it off and/or getting it on in the movies and elsewhere. That's something special.

I'm sure it's no accident Karen keeps showing up in these big franchise gigs with the millions of loyal fans the world over. She got her start in such roles with her companionship duties in Doctor Who and now keeps going back to that fanboy trough again and again. I don't blame her nor any of the folks who cast her. She's got skills at what she does and more often than not looks good while she's doing it. Why not keep that ball rolling?

There was a lukewarm reception to Alicia getting the Lara Croft gig at first, but the latest trailer seems to have folks warming up to the idea. We'll see if they can finally get a winning formula put together for these movies. Beyond the popcorn stuff, Alicia has her cred as an art house hottie who can brag on owning Hollywood's most prestigious honors. I'd like to see her successfully jump between those two sides of Tinseltown. Only time will tell if she actually can, but being celebrated in one or the other is still pretty good.

There's a lot of fan boy love swirling about Karen. I guess I can't exclude myself from those who generate it. Alicia might soon steal some of her thunder there, but for now Karen has the advantage in many ways.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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