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Face Off: Kaley Cuoco vs. Olivia Munn

06.30.2014by: Droz

I think it was Megan Fox over Nicola Peltz by a slight margin in last week's Face Off. I sense a certain indifferent resignation to this new TRANSFORMERS movie as well as those associated with it. This despite the fact that it will probably go on to rake in a billion at the box office. I think it's because it's a 4th movie. We tend to like our movies wrapped up in nice, easily digestible trilogies. We know from experience that once they go beyond that initial trilogy, chances are good their agenda is to ride that franchise straight into the ground.

Olivia Munn has her new movie DELIVER US FROM EVIL coming out this week. Thinking about someone to put up against her, the one who comes to mind is a girl we've seen quite a bit of lately. That, of course, is Kaley Cuoco. They're both great to look at hotties who appeal to a broad spectrum of people, especially the geeks. These two have both made a point of reaching out to the geeks, so much so that they've become lauded as geek girls, despite not really being that at all. Even if they're not true blue geeks, I like 'em anyway. Which fake geek hottie looks real good to you?


Kaley's got a number of things going for her here. I like her doe eyes, her cute lips. I even like that little crooked smile. Sure, she's not your typical glamorous supermodel type. She's much more down to earth with her beauty. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It makes her more like someone anyone might conceivably meet. That being said, I think I prefer Olivia's exotic looks just a little bit more.

I dig Olivia's exotic mix of Asian and European features. There's something intoxicating about such women. I also really like those freckles and the come hither quality she has in her eyes. There have been a few times when she didn't work as well for me in this area, but those occasions seem to be lessening as time goes on. It wouldn't surprise me if she turns out to be the kind of hottie who gets better with age.


We've spent a number of years being understandably fixated on the quality of Kaley's tits on TBBT. Funny how they always have to have at least one hottie with impressive cleavage involved in any geek-oriented production. Lately I've become even more impressed with the rather beautifully rounded curvature of her ass. Seems that Kaley has all kinds of great things to enjoy on her body. She's like a theme park with nothing but great rides.

The one thing you can always say about Olivia is that she has a great body. She clearly works extra hard on keeping herself in peak physical condition. That dedication to the brilliance of her body has paid off for her in more ways than I can recall right now. That's a body of work on her body for which I have nothing but the highest of praise.


I don't think there's any doubt about these women being hot. Just taking a look at them proves what they bring in this category. They've also been kind enough to back that evidence up with hot performances in various movies, tv shows and in a number of magazine spreads in the last 5 or 6 years. The fact that they make such an effort at proving how hot they are as often as they do only makes them hotter.

← That says it all for me.


Kaley has done a lot of things over the years, but it seems like she's only really well known for a few of them. No doubt there are plenty of folks who don't watch TBBT and have little to no idea who she is. I wont deny the ardent fan base she has. Those fans have given her quite a boost in her career, perhaps to an even higher level than Olivia. Still, I'm pretty equal on them both here.

You have to hand it to Olivia and how far she's come in a short time. She's gone from relative obscurity in low budget movies and supporting gigs, to hosting duties on third-rate cable networks, to prime time HBO series and now top billing in summer movies - all of this in less than 5 years. That's an impressive achievement. I don't know if she'll ever be an A-list award winner, but she's clearly aiming high anyway.


These are two extremely sexy women, but I'm drawn more to Olivia's exotic look. Kaley is sweet and hot, but not being much of a TBBT fanatic limits my ability to appreciate Kaley beyond her impressive physical attributes. All things considered, I think I'm slightly more in Olivia's column here.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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