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Face Off: Kaley Cuoco vs. Katrina Bowden

07.08.2013by: Droz

Angelina Jolie triumphed over Jennifer Aniston by a decisive vote count in the previous Face Off. That's good. Angelina might have her issues, but she's still the better choice between these two. Seeing how well she and Brad get along, it looks he made the right choice.

Kaley Cuoco and Katrina Bowden are both popular sitcom actresses. At least, that's what I hear. Not being much of a sitcom fan puts me at a disadvantage with their shows. I used to confuse Kaley with Katrina when it came to who played who on their sitcoms 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory. Frequent chiding from my more experienced sitcom friends straightened me out on this, making it plain that Kaley plays Penny, the lusted after hottie across the hall on TBBT and Katrina plays Cerie, a hottie similarly drooled over by nerds (aka writers) on 30 Rock.

Katrina and Kaley have more than a few things in common. We've established their sitcom experience and nerd cred. They're also blondes, of approximate age, prone to sexy displays, hot as hell and, most importantly, both up against each other in this week's Face Off. So which of these nerd-beloved sitcom hotties is your favorite? The polls are open below.


I love Kaley's big eyes and crooked smile. It gives her a pleasing quality that probably helps out on her show. She's not the typical pretty face, but I kind of like that about her. She's not cookie cutter and that's becoming a rare thing these days, especially on TV.

Katrina is a little more straightforward in the looks category, a little more typical of what you see around Tinseltown. I'm not going to fault her for that though. She's still beautiful with a sweetness all her own. Even if she's not as unique a beauty, she's still got a quality that makes her look just as pleasing as Kaley.


Kaley and Katrina started out pretty similar body wise, though Kaley has gotten a little thicker in recent years. If you know me at all from this site, you'll know a thicker body is hardly reason for me to turn a hottie away. Anyway, Kaley has grown in all the right places and still maintains a healthy, fit frame. Nothing at all to dislike on her.

Katrina might be a little less stacked than Kaley, but that's hardly a problem. Anyway, you have to appreciate how Katrina has no qualms about showing off that beautiful body of hers. It seems like the only sort of magazine spread she does are the ones that give her a chance to show what she's got south of the neckline. Hey, she's a well built girl who knows what she's got and wants to show it off. That's a good way to be.


Being hot is a given for both these ladies. Their hotness tends to be a pivotal part of their roles in their respective movies and TV shows and hardly does any significant span of time pass when one of them doesn't have some sexually charged spread in one magazine or another. Like the two previous categories, these facts make it too difficult to chose between them here. So I wont.

← This.


Here's where I think these two diverge enough to call one a winner. Kaley has been acting since she was six and has already amassed an impressive resume in her 27 years, filled with a number of popular TV shows and movies. Her current claim to fame on The Big Bang Theory has also made her one of the most popular hotties in all of geekdom. Not bad.

Katrina clearly has the hotness thing down, but as far as career goes, she's got some catching up to do with Kaley. Being a veteran of 3 of the most despised movies in the last couple years, PIRANHA 3DD, MOVIE 43 and SCARY MOVIE 5, suggests where she's coming from and potentially going to with her post 30 Rock experience. Hopefully she finds a way to pull herself out of that unfortunate career rut.


Pretty close game here, but career success is where Kaley and Katrina diverge sufficiently, at least in my mind, to give Kaley the win. They both still look pretty damn good to me though. Can't see how anyone could go wrong with either of these hotties.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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