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Face Off: Juno Temple vs. Alexa PenaVega

08.18.2014by: Droz

No definitive winner in last week's Face Off between Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson. I'd hate to think you guys have written these two off. For when not encumbered by offspring or annoying husbands, I still think they have plenty going for them.

We've been going on and on for awhile now about all the fine women with roles SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, which opens this Friday. Eva Green, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson have been oft mentioned names around here lately. But this is a cast jam-packed with hotties. Two somewhat lesser mentioned members of this gathering of sexy babes are Juno Temple and Alexa PenaVega, who play two of Old Town Basin City's many working girls. So which of these members of the SIN CITY hottie junior varsity team look better to you? All sinners may inquire below.


Juno has always been a cutie pie, but I never gave her my full attention in this category until I caught sight of her on a recent episode of Drunk History. I've never seen her look more angelic than she did on that show. Now that I've thoroughly explored the web for pics of her, I realize how woefully out of touch I was on her beauty. Girl is a knockout.

Alexa is a sweetie as well, but I don't like her insistence on being a blonde. Sure, Juno isn't a real blonde either, but I like it even less on Alexa. That's a minor quibble, especially when you consider all of Alexa's other great aspects. It does make the difference for me and my vote here.


Another tough decision for me. Juno has a great body, no question about that. She's got just the right amount of curve to her, which she's been more than accommodating about letting us check out when the role calls for it. Despite that, there's a certain self explanatory something about Alexa's body that leads me toward her side in this category.

Yeah, I think the picture above says everything you need to know about why I'm going with Alexa on this one. That's quite the little bod she's rocking there. With the chaps and bustin' out bra and everything else, she makes a very nice impression. Alexa has been consistent about showing off this bod ever since she joined the hottie ranks. That makes her a winner in my book.


Juno seems like a firecracker, at least when it comes to her public persona. Not uncommon to see her proving her skills here in a variety of provocative ways, both on and off screen. She's also got a certain cuteness about her that's evident no matter what she's doing. I like it when those two aspects combine into a kind of good girl gone bad mixture. That may just be an act, but it's a fun thing to see nonetheless.

Alexa is no stranger to pumped up sexuality either. She seems to have little issue with making a show of all her natural resources whenever the situation allows. Not that I'm complaining. As far as I'm concerned, the more of herself Alexa lets us take in, the better.


Juno has had minor to major roles in a number of films, among them THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, MALEFICENT and now this SIN CITY sequel. Good movies for certain, none of which has given me cause to dislike Juno. Looks like she's got plenty of work to come as well. She may not be the biggest star ever at this point in her career, but she's okay by me.

I'm not as familiar with most of Alexa's recent work, I must confess. Apart from her kids movies, which we will understandably forget about for our purposes here, I haven't seen much of her in anything. Being as unfamiliar with her movies as I am, I can't make a positive or negative statement about them. So I have to go with Juno on this one.


Juno has a number of characteristics that make her my choice, besides the spankable implications made by the above pic. She's cute, she's hot, somewhat slutty, English and occasionally a red head. Sounds like the girl for me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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