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Face Off: Julie Benz vs. Yvonne Strahovski

06.24.2013by: Droz

Gemma Arterton squeaked by Emma Watson by a 19 to 17 vote for the win in last week's Face Off. Ya'll were a little confused about why I paired those two against one another. I said it was because they were British and had a couple of movies coming out in successive weeks. The real reason was a desire to see their strong fan bases square off against one another. This time around it was Gemma's fans who went to the polls in greater numbers, but it could have easily gone the other way.

Where are all my Dexter fans at? I know you're out there, probably feeling a little torn like me about the upcoming final season of the Showtime serial killer drama which starts Sunday night. It's felt like they were building toward this conclusion for the last couple seasons, so it's not really a surprise that things are ending. Nor is it particularly unjust that they're doing this. It's a good thing they're not trying to stretch out the show too far beyond its ability to keep telling good stories. Still, this is a great show and we're going to miss it when it's gone. It's a show that's brought a number of great things to the small screen, not the least of which are the hotties who have taken up with Dex in the show's 8 seasons. This week we're comparing the first and the last of those hotties, played by Julie Benz and Yvonne Strahovski respectively. Now we got to figure out if Dexter's love life started out the strongest or if he left the best for last. Which of these fine ladies is your favorite?


Julie has always been as cute as a button, with the perfect amount of sweetness to balance out that hot body of hers. They never really gave her beauty much of a chance to shine on Dexter though. We know how well she cleans up for most everything else, but on this show her reserved, somewhat frumpy look seemed designed to hold her beauty in check. That allowed Julie to better inhabit the Rita role, but between the two of these ladies, it has the negative consequence of making her lag behind in the beauty department.

Sure, Yvonne has got 10 fewer years behind her than Julie, but that's not why I vote for her here. I was really taken with the look of her in the 7th season of Dexter. She looked incredible as the mystery women who's beauty belied her deadly potential. Where Julie was always reserved in her appearance, Yvonne never ceased to look incredible, even at her character's worst moments.


I've lusted after Julie's sexy body for years, in particular that beautiful butt of hers. Her lovely frame had a tendency to remain hidden under sun dresses and mommy clothes throughout most of her time on Dexter. Still, she's put what she's got out there enough times outside the show for me to know that her body is very much to my liking.

Yvonne is pretty well built herself and one of the hotter women on a show that's featured more than its fair share of hot women. I can't honestly decide between these two, so I'm going with a tie vote in this category. I'll say one thing - Dexter certainly knows how to pick 'em.


Julie has always had that hot, girl next door quality about her that many of us love. That's probably why she got the role of Rita on Dexter in the first place. It just sucked that they never gave her more of a chance to show off her hotness. She had her moments, but certainly not enough of them for me. A sensuous woman like Julie, who bears one of the great butts of all time, should have had more chances to show it off. Bit of a waste if you ask me.

Yvonne is clearly hot, but I don't have the same kind of powerful desire for her. Maybe that's just from not having as much of a longstanding familiarity with her as I do with Julie. Or maybe it's because she plays a black widow type who isn't afraid to kill people when they piss her off. Whatever the reason, i think she and I need a little more time to get to know each other. You know, away from shows about murderous women with revenge issues.


Rita was very much the glue that kept Dexter grounded in the real world. You get the impression from those early seasons that by the time he and Rita met, Dex was very much on the brink of becoming the kind of isolated, deranged killer his code tasked him with eliminating. The love he received and returned to Rita and her kids is what gave him a reason to keep his dark passenger at bay, limiting it to a secret, untold life. She basically gave him something to care about and a lesson on how to love. When he lost her, the barriers between Dex's life began to break down, leading to his inevitable downfall.

I kind of liked the whole mystery thing that revolved around Yvonne's character on Dexter last season. There's something about the femme fatale - dangerous but enticing. She played her part well, riding the fine line between predator and prey, creating a scenario where she and Dexter get off and feed off of the others derangement. The problem there is that she pretty much set up the scenario by which Dexter will fall by inspiring him to open up about his other life and spurring him to take chances he knew he shouldn't. That made her very much the opposite of Rita. Between the two of them, I think I'd rather have the one that doesn't hold my hand as she leads me to oblivion.


Yvonne and Julie play two of the hottest women on Dexter, but in this case I have to go with tradition and give my vote to Julie. Gotta give the love to those women who mix all the best hottie ingredients into one terrific package. For me, it's Julie who delivers that particular package.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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