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Face Off: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Olivia Munn

05.23.2016by: Droz

Once again the group was divided, this time about whether it's Chloe Moretz or Bella Thorne who deserved the most praise and affection. They do have different things going for them. Bella has the ample sex appeal, Chloe the likability and talent. It's hard to say which one of those characteristics is more important. They tend to fluctuate given the circumstances.

This week we got the next installment in the long-running X-MEN movie series. X-MEN: APOCALYPSE seems to be taking the franchise to new extremes with the inclusion of an ancient, immortal, super mutant who can do anything he wants. Makes me wonder how the usual crop of mutants can possibly handle something like that. I guess we will see. For now, let's figure out if we can pick a winner between this movie's two chief hotties, Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Munn. Playing Mystique and Psylocke respectively, their characters both have various abilities. We know where their real powers lie, which is the power to make us horny for them above most others. In this regard these two are most powerful. Which one has more power over you?


I've had my criticisms of Jen's looks in the past. While never ugly, she has gone through some weird stages in the lead up to her present day state of loveliness. Finally I think she's settled into a nice, stable look which I've grown quite fond of. It could be said Jennifer is at the top of the heap in Hollywood. And now her looks can be included in there as well. Seems only just.

Like Jennifer, I've had my issues with Olivia's looks. And again, it's not because she's unattractive. She's just not like many others around. For Olivia, this uniqueness has been both an asset and a drawback, depending on the circumstances. Usually I'm quite fond of Olivia's freckled Asian looks, which are kind of my thing. Lately, she's started to have something of a worked on look. She claims this is because of Japanese potatoes. Uhhh...okay. Whatever happened, I kind of liked her more before the potatoes.


As with her looks, Jennifer's body has gone through some changes over the years. She's never been extremely out of shape, but she also wasn't above letting herself get a little chunky back in her pre-Mystique days. Fortunately, accepting a role which would see her essentially perform naked throughout required Jennifer to keep herself up to snuff here. We've since learned, through legal means and otherwise, just how shapely Jen can get. Girl is a miracle here.

I don't think there has ever been a time when Olivia wasn't rock hard perfect in this category. Starting out as a piece of highly desirable eye candy made her well motivated to keep so inhumanly fit as to turn the wearing of a bikini into a near porn like experience. Even though Olivia has moved into a more mainstream career in the last decade, she still retains much of her earlier eye candy build right up to the present day.


This one is a no-brainer where both these women are concerned. I don't have to go down the list of all the hot moments we've enjoyed from them both over the years. Chances are, if you spend even a small amount of time here, you already know about them. Even the tamest of Olivia fan pages will still provide a modicum of spank material. And Jen, well, we've seen various elicit demonstrations of her unblinkingly stunning potential for hotness in the last few years as well. Legitimate or otherwise, the evidence abounds for these two being the hottest women of our time.

←See left.


Jennifer is Oscar's darling pretty much every year. She's in demand by all the best directors for their Oscar bait movies. She has not one, but two blockbuster franchises to her name. She's famous all over the world, gets huge bank for her gigs, is fully hot, sexy, desired, beloved by billions. I don't need to press this issue too hard. We all know there are few who can match Jennifer here.

I have no doubt Olivia aspires to Jennifer's kind of monumental success. And she has come a long way in a relatively short time. Remember, the girl has gone from obscure cable TV variety shows to big time comic book movies in 6 relatively short years. Granted, that's not exactly on par with Jennifer's career achievements, but it's still pretty good.


I wont attempt to speculate on who would win in a Mystique/Psylocke face off. In the relatively real world of Hollywood hotties, Jennifer has the juice to top just about all potential challengers in just about every category you could think of. All signs point to her continuing to do so for years to come.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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