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Face Off: Jennifer Connelly vs. Rachel Weisz

10.24.2016by: Droz

Gal Gadot had some ardent advocates, but it was Isla Fisher who took the Face Off win last week. I'm willing to bet that Gal wouldn't have had nearly as much support versus Isla, were she still doing the supporting cast thing in FAST & FURIOUS movies. Gotta be that Wonder Woman bump working in her favor.

Mulling over hotties to compare this week, I figured why not present myself with another heartbreaking choice. Thus Jennifer Connelly and Rachel Weisz enter the picture. Many of us have been nutty for these two raven-haired beauties for decades now, and rightfully so. But being dark beauties is not the only thing they have in common. They're both celebrated Oscar-winning actresses. Both of them have appeared in beloved movies and are married to dudes who play beloved heroes in film (Rachel is hitched to James Bond, Jennifer calls Marvel's Vision her own). They're also both long-standing hotties, born in the same year, who continue to impress despite the unrelenting march of time. Which of these bona fide hottie institutions is your choice?


There are a whole bunch of beautiful women out there; so many gorgeous faces to chose from. Yet despite the onslaught of this overwhelming tide of beauty, no one else's face has moved me quite like Jennifer's. I'm talking formative years inspiration - the kind that leaves impressions which go on to influence people as adults. It would be hard for anyone else to compete with such fundamental inspiration.

I wasn't especially impressed with Rachel's movies YOUTH and THE LOBSTER last year. They weren't necessarily bad movies, just kind of meandering. One thing they did do exceptionally well is demonstrate how beautiful Rachel is all these years later. Like Jennifer, she ages like fine wine. It's only the longstanding connection I have with Ms. Connelly which keeps this one from being a tie game for me.


While her face never ceases to fascinate me, Jennifer's body had been a persistent source of consternation for years now. I'm talking specifically about the noticeable slim down she underwent some time around the turn of the millennium. Time was the only thing more drool worthy than Jennifer's face was her curvaceous body. But then those curves went away. While I do still miss her buxom figure, seeing how well she does bikinis at 46-years-old makes me unable to stay bummed about her bod. Jen looks great.

I'd say Rachel has done just as well as Jennifer here in keeping her bikini body in decent shape well into a period of life when such attire is no longer a flattering thing. Even better, Rachel did it without having to make any extreme body changes. Good for her and good for all of us.


I could talk about Jennifer's past hottie deeds forever. Girl was the personification of sex for me back in the day. Then things kinda changed there following REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, when she put herself on a somewhat different track. One almost had to be a perv to appreciate her most recent sex scenes in SHELTER. Those were particularly uncomfortable to watch for a Jennifer Connelly fan. I get how eliciting this reaction was kind of the point of that movie, but it doesn't make it any easier to see Jen humiliated, no matter what the context.

I have to do my best to evaluate these categories in the present day, rather than constantly waxing nostalgic. It's to those ends I recognize how well Rachel's hotness endures. I may not be the most longstanding member of the Rachel Weisz fan club, but I got here during what I deem to be her best time. I must say, watching Rachel steadfastly refuse to stop being the hottie she is just makes her all the better for me.


That. →

It feels like the last ten years have seen these two embark on a similar tack with their career trajectories. They've done the odd big budget payday movie in that time, usually eliciting mixed results. The rest of their time seems to go to roles in smaller, more meaningful movies. Those movies also achieve mixed results. Oh well, they can't all be winners. Successes or failures notwithstanding, the smaller side of things seems to be where both Jennifer and Rachel are at as far as acting gigs go.

Back in the Day

Present day Jennifer is nothing to scoff at, but that doesn't stop me from being stuck in the past on most things related to her. There I am firmly wedged in her early to late 20s. As far as I'm concerned, perfect hottie packages just don't get much better. She was everything I could ever have wanted or wished for in a woman back then and still is today. Girl isn't past it yet, I'm happy to say. Even so, my Connelly compulsion will always be for her old school days.

I feel kind of guilty about being on the fence where Rachel's early career is concerned, especially since I'm so fond of her now. She had a weird tendency to be terribly annoying back in those days and oddly nowhere near as beautiful or sexy as she would later become. This left me sometimes okay with her, sometimes not. Fortunately she blossomed some time around 2005 and left all those annoyances behind. Good thing too.


I hate to make a choice between two such glorious hotties, but my special relationship with Jennifer was just too compelling to deny. She's as close as any movie hottie will get to being one of the a great loves of this news editor's life.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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