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Face Off: Jennifer Connelly vs. Diane Lane

09.24.2012by: Droz

Another landslide win for a contestant in our last Face Off, with Scarlett Johansson crushing Blake Lively by a huge majority. Clearly Scarlett tickles more pickles, but Blake is the one with the guy. So perhaps mixed blessings for both ladies.

Someone recently broached the subject of adolescent crushes to me, which got me thinking about mine. We've all had/will all have them. They're those ladies who seemed to make your heart go aflutter more than any other. For some, it might be the girl from math class who drove your recently inaugurated sexuality into overdrive. For me, it was always the movie hotties that drove me crazy. Thinking about which stars were particularly crushing, the two names that immediately come to mind are Jennifer Connelly and Diane Lane. These were two ladies burning up movie screens when I was just beginning to burn with sexual energy. They might not have been your crush, but I think we can all agree that they're definitely crush-worthy. So which of my hottie crushes is your favorite?


Impossible call here for me. At one point in my life these were, in my estimation, two of the most beautiful women who ever lived or who ever would live. One moves on eventually, but they still possess a certain something special for me. Of course, they really do have something special about them. They've been two of the most stunning beauties in cinema for a quarter century. Despite the passing of the years, they remain stunners to this day.

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Heyday Hotness

Tough to say that Diane was in any way less hot than anyone else, and really not true. Compared to most other hotties back in the day, Diane was virtually untouchable for sheer hotness. At the peak of her allure back in the early to mid 80s, movies like THE OUTSIDERS, RUMBLE FISH and STREETS OF FIRE might as well have been love letters to a young boy completely disarmed by a creature of impeccable beauty. She gets second place here by a whisper thin margin.

Like many people my age, my first encounter with Jennifer was her role as Sarah in the fantasy muppet adventure, LABYRINTH. I was immediately addicted to her from the moment I saw her. I'd never seen anything like Jennifer before. And as the years passed, she just got hotter and hotter. Pretty soon she was taking on more adult roles and taking off more and more clothes. Trust me, if you've never seen THE HOT SPOT, get to Netflix or whichever medium you chose for your movie viewing, and see that movie now. I've never been closer to a full on religious experience than when I first beheld her in the beach scene in that movie. Good Lord.

Current Hotness

If Diane has done anything over the last 30 years or so, it's stay consistently hot. She's never ballooned up or slimmed way down. There was never anything taken away or added on. It's always been Diane, as we've always known her, for years and years. Well past the point when most other women lose it, Diane is still hanging on to her hotness. And she's doing it naturally. That's a huge thing for me. I like a woman that can age gracefully. So add one more thing to the very long list of reasons why I love her.

That majestic quality of Jennifer's beauty lasted throughout the 90s, right up until the REQUIEM FOR A DREAM period. Then something happened. One day she showed up, I think it was in A BEAUTIFUL MIND, with something missing. Actually, it was couple of things missing. Where there were once two of the most perfectly shaped breasts ever created, there were now mere trivialities by comparison. And the woman who had been as beautifully figured as any I had ever seen, was now much thinner, much too similar to every other flimsy Hollywood waif. It was still Jennifer and yet it wasn't. This was a very sad situation for a fan of the previous Jen - a situation that hasn't really improved since. Jennifer's still beautiful, but I can't help but feel like something is missing when I see her now.


I'm not going to act like I know these ladies very well or at all, but just from interviews and whatnot, Diane seems like she's got a genuine quality and an easy going sort of demeanor that appeals to me. There's a generally pleasant vibe that comes off her, like from one not prone to affectation or intensity of mood. I like people who aren't difficult to get along with and Diane feels like that kind of person to me.

Again, I don't know either one of these ladies personally. That being said, I don't like some of the choices Jennifer has made. When she completely transformed her look, loosing so much weight and probably getting a breast reduction, it damaged her credibility with me and really said something about who she is as a person. She was just fine the way she was, which made it all the more difficult to see how far astray she went from the woman we all knew and loved. Beyond that, she's also seems somewhat aloof - maybe a bit more moody than the sort of person I generally like. Maybe I'm being too judgmental, but that's how I feel.


Diane's career started out promising back in the day, but lately she's fallen back on the chick flicks, which seems to be the standard move for many an aging actress looking to keep relevant and working. She still does the occasional interesting role though. She's going to be Superman's mom in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL next year, which should be interesting. Whatever it is, I'm always happy just to see her again.

Jennifer has maintained an impressive list of so called "important," dramatic-style movies throughout her career. Rarely does she do any blockbuster stuff, the likes of which never really suit her well anyway. She's got a knack for the more intense variety of cinema. Like Diane, she's also got a high profile role coming up, playing Mrs. Noah, working again with REQUIEM FOR A DREAM director Darren Aronofsky in the big screen adaptation of the biblical story of NOAH.


Dammit, I do hate to settle for a Face-Off tie. The fact that it's these two ladies does take some of the sting out of it though. I love them both for all kinds of different reasons, but it doesn't surprise me that in the end they both cross the finish line nose to nose. They're just that great.

That's my choice. What's yours?
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