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Face Off: Jennifer Connelly vs. Alyssa Milano

02.10.2014by: Droz

I hit ya'll with a poser last week by pitting Alison Brie against Emma Stone. Everyone loves at least one of those two. However, you guys gave Alison a tiny bit of a lead in the voting. Pretty close, but I'm willing to give her the win. It doesn't matter anyway, because they're both winners in my book.

I noticed the other day that long time passion of mine Jennifer Connelly has a new movie coming out this week, WINTER'S TALE. Doesn't really look like my thing, although Jen has been my thing since way back, so I'm willing to watch just about anything she is in. I'm more about the biblical epic NOAH she's got coming out next month. That one looks...interesting. And speaking of long time loves, last week I posted some pics of Alyssa Milano at some Super Bowl thing. She's still bringing the sexy as well. That gets me thinking about how long these two have been around - over 3 decades, if you can believe that. Seems like a good opportunity for a little flashback Face Off. The only problem is that I now have to ask you to pick one of them to win. I don't like the idea of playing favorites between these two, but we're going to do it anyway. So make your choice and break my heart below, if you must.


I remember first seeing Jennifer's beautiful face in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA. I was about 9 or so, she 13. As brief as it was, that small role and her larger one in LABYRINTH a few years later, had profound effects on my perception of beauty. Even today, I still find myself comparing other beautiful faces to hers. While we've had no shortage of beautiful women since then, few come close to the breath-taking power Jen had on me. Just stunning.

It was difficult to be a kid of the 80s and not be smitten with Samantha with the sweet smile from Who's The Boss? Then she got older and developed a whole new set of desirable characteristics, while still keeping that same sweet face. Decades later and nothing much has changed there. It's fascinating how after all this time, Alyssa still has that adorable mug of hers. That's just one of the many things I like about her.


There was a time, right up to around the turn of the millennium, when I would have easily given Jennifer the best body prize against anyone put up against her. I cite a ton of choice nude scenes from movies like THE HOT SPOT, MULHOLLAND FALLS and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM to back me up on that one. Those boobs in particular were a remarkable sight to behold. Then things changed rather alarmingly when Jen went all skinny. I know why she did it. Girls with the sexy bodies often get grouped into a certain category in Hollywood. And things did get a lot better for her after that, at least career wise. I give her a legacy vote here, with the caveat that I do miss the Jen that was.

Alyssa has been giving us views of her fine ass for the last couple of decades, producing a number of fantastic moments of her own in that time. I can't think of any period in her career when she's ever disappointed body wise. Even after kids and the destructive effects of time conspiring to rob her and us of that beautiful bod, Alyssa still looks great. You gotta respect that.


Seems like most of Jennifer's deliberate attempts at hotness are pretty much behind her, supplanted by the desire to be a good wife, mother and actress. There was a time though when she couldn't hardly do anything without an air of sexual energy surrounding her like mist in the morning air. The great part was that she never had to do much to be as hot as she was. Jen did it naturally and just walking into a scene was sufficient. If we were limiting ourselves to present day only, I might give this one to Alyssa. But since I'm thinking legacy, I'll tie my vote up again just to honor our time spent with Jennifer.

You could say that Alyssa has devoted a significant amount of her career to expressing and exemplifying the concept of hotness. Doesn't matter if she's acting in something, or doing a magazine spread or just showing up some place. She could make a trip to the dentist into a full on sexcapade. Girl's definitely got a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to this.


Jennifer has always been one who aspires to bigger and better things. She started out with a Sergio Leone film, did the teen actress thing in lighter fare for a bit, then moved pretty fast into independent stuff by her early 20s. Since then she's done everything from Oscar-winning films to popcorn flicks, even winning herself an Oscar for A BEAUTIFUL MIND. Sounds like we have a winner here.

Alyssa has had a few good shows here and there and not too many good movies at all, except maybe for COMMANDO. It's not the most impressive of thespian legacies I've seen. She does persist though, you have to give her that much. Even if some of her movies and shows lack a certain polish, in the end I think most folks just like seeing her around. Who could blame them?


30 years is a long time to love something or someone. It's never felt like anything but a privilege though. I could have split on this one, had it not been for Jennifer's superior career. In every other respect, I've got nothing but happy memories of both these ladies.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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