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Face Off: Jamie Chung vs. Grace Park

12.03.2012by: Droz

You guys voted Zhang Ziyi the winner over Lucy Liu in our last Face Off, giving her the win by a 13 to 7 vote. Gotta agree with you on that one. They're both lovely ladies, but Zhang just has an extra something special that I and many of you rightfully enjoy.

This week on our hottie world tour we move a little farther out east, leaving behind the controversial tumult of China to focus on yet another tumultuous land, the very much divided Korea. This is a land of extremes, where startling economic growth and prosperity sits alongside equally startling oppression and suffering. These are a people who couldn't be more divided, both in lifestyle and political mindset. So why not stay with that theme of divided allegiances and compare these two ladies, Jamie Chung and Grace Park, two daughters of Korea representing the best of Korean hottie potential. We all know which Korea is the best Korea. But which Korean hottie is the best? Let's see.


Jamie's got the cutest face, especially when she smiles and those full cheeks turn nice and dimply. She's also got those beautiful brown eyes that sparkle so lovely, with a luscious set of kissable lips. Clearly she's beautiful, but she's also got a sweetness to her that's irresistible to a fan of the Asian ladies, or any lady for that matter.

As a Battlestar Galactica fan, you're going to hear some nerdy gushing about Grace from me here. That being said, out of all the ladies on that show, I always found Grace the prettiest. Starbuck was too butch, the Cylons far too cold. Sharon was the warmest, most pleasing woman on that show. Even after BSG, Grace is still one of the prettiest.


Jamie's body is more to my liking. She's got a little more of that womanly shape to her - a few more curves in the right places. That's not fat though. She's clearly an athletic type, with a lot of tight, toned muscles filling out her frame quite nicely.

If there's any criticism I have of Grace, it's that she's way too skinny for my tastes. It's probably not anything she's doing on purpose. Extremely trim frames are a trait inherent in a lot of Asian people. Still not really my thing though.


Jamie's knack for showing off her hotness is much more obvious than her competition. Having the nicer body helps, but she's also the more practiced at being the hottie she is. From the look of her various magazine spreads, she's clearly made her hotness a more integral aspect of her career. Can't say the same about Grace.

If the body isn't working for me, hotness is going to suffer a bit. Beyond that though, Grace never seemed very comfortable in the role of the sexy character. She does okay in most other respects as an actress and a hottie, but I don't get a sensual vibe from her. Maybe that's a failure on my part, but that's how I feel.


Jamie is no slouch either in her gig as an actress, but I guess I'm biased by her status as a Real World alumni. Her stuff just isn't giving me the fanboy-like response that Grace's work does. She's only been around for a few years though and it looks like she's got some interesting stuff coming up. So that could change.

As a BSG fan, I'd be remiss if I didn't give Grace the prize here, but that's not all there is to it. Both ladies have done some good movies and TV shows, but taken as a whole, I'm more partial both to Grace's choice of work and to her various performances as an actress.


Jamie is one sexy little number, which for our purposes here is sufficient to secure her win. I'm a big fan of Grace and even though her skinny frame doesn't do as much for me as Jamie's, I do at least prefer her body of work. Still, when all factors are considered, Jamie is my choice for best Korean hottie.

That's where I'm at. Where are you?
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