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Face Off: Jaimie Alexander vs. Hayley Atwell

11.25.2013by: Droz

Pretty much a toss up between Nina Agdal and Emily Ratajkowski in last week's Face Off. I understand your collective indecision on them, so I'll give anyone who has a "both" inclination a pass on those two.

It might seem at first that Jaimie Alexander and Hayley Atwell are weird people to compare with one another. However, they have plenty of things in common. There's the obvious Marvel comic movie thing, the two of them being supporting cast in movies centering on Avengers Thor and Captain America. They're both beautiful brunettes. They both have an affinity for see thru clothing, particularly at red carpet events. Most importantly, they're both popular ladies around here. So let's get down to it and see which of these two you all like the most?


I'm not going to try to make an argument against Jaimie's beauty. Clearly she's a knock out. However, I did prefer her looks before she slimmed down so much. Her features are a little too severe at this point. I like a rounder, softer face. If she had always been like she is now, it probably wouldn't be an issue for me. But I got into her when she looked like this. I still like her like that.

There's something about Hayley that clicks for me. I can't point to one feature she possesses that definitively makes that happen. It's an overall thing. Put together the doe eyes, the sweet smile, full lips, dark hair and everything else about her and she just does it for me. Like a fine wine, she's got the perfect blend, giving me warm feelings and a nice little buzz.


Again, it comes down to what is versus what was. You all saw her in that see thru dress at the THOR 2 premiere. Clearly she's in great shape, very much what you'd expect from most any Hollywood hottie. Still, I prefer the hotties who are willing to leave a little something on the bone. There was a time when Jaimie had a frame not unlike Hayley's - namely a little fuller and a little rounder. That's my thing. None of that Kardashian style craziness with the curves. Just a more natural shape. Ladies shouldn't have to burn that off to be acceptable.

Yeah, that's more like it. So many lovely and soft things to touch and enjoy on a body like that. The fact that those are Hayley's soft things makes it even more attractive to me. To each their own, but for this guy, Hayley is where it's at as far as beautiful bodies go.


Minor issues aside, it's obvious both these women are severely hot. Anyone willing to show off as much as Jaimie was in that dress clearly understands what it means to be a hottie. Jaimie also carries herself in a hot sort of way at times. She's fond of turning on that sexy gaze for the cameras, something she's very good at.

I'm all for Hayley going topless, doing her best to contain her bountiful boobs with a hand bra. However, it's just as hot to me when she flashes one of those smiles I just spoke about, or does just about anything really. Perhaps I'm biased by her face or her body or her Englishness. Bias is kind of what we're uo to here. Anyone who comes across as hot as Hayley does has earned my bias.


I'd call these two fairly even in terms of celebrity and overall career accomplishments go. There's a lot of buzz about Jaimie maybe getting cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. That's speculation at this point. For now she's playing second fiddle to an Avenger and doing various other movies and TV shows on a regular basis. You never know though. We might see her kicking ass alongside Supes and Batty soon enough.

Hayley is a bigger deal over in the UK than she is in the rest of the world, which makes sense as she comes from there and made her name there. Still, folks seemed to like her as Agent Carter in CAPTAIN AMERICA. Her Marvel One Shot short on Agent Carter was very good on its own. I was quite fond of her in the mini-series Pillars of the Earth, particularly her nude scenes. It's sucks we don't see more of her here in the States, but just like with Jaimie, you never know what will be. Things could change.


Hayley is one of my favorite hotties out there today, so no surprise that I go with her. Jaimie is fantastic and rightfully growing in popularity, but I liked her more when there was a little more to her. I'm much more about Hayley's curvier frame, which earns her my vote.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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