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Face Off: Jaimie Alexander vs. Cobie Smulders

04.27.2015by: Droz

Okay, so you guys really like Olga Kurylenko. I think that might be the first unanimous vote we've ever had in a Face Off. I don't know what that says about Irina Shayk, if anything. Perhaps Olga just falls in better with that whole hottie from movies crowd we tend to emphasize around here.

You all set for AVENGERS on Friday? Me, I'm itching to see how that Hulk vs. Ironman fight turns out. From what I've already seen, it looks to be one badass brawl. Such moments are indicative of your average comic book movie - lots of what the dudes are up to, not as much with the ladies. To their credit, the two major comic movie studios do seem to be aware of that imbalance and are taking steps to give the female heroes the attention they deserve. For now, you're far more likely to see women like Jaimie Alexander and Cobie Smulders relegated to supporting roles. That's a shame, as watching them do pretty much anything is such fun. So which Marvel movie background babe do you think best stands out from her sideline situation?


Normally women with a strong jawline like Jaimie's don't work for me. Good thing for her she's got other features that compensate nicely. For instance, her dark hair and those exotic-looking hazel eyes. It's an unusual combination and also a great one in the way it makes her eyes take on a special glow when set against her dark hair. Probably some trick of light at work there, but it's a trick that makes her all the more unique as well as lovely.

One thing I noticed about Cobie when I first became aware of her existence was her similarity to Jennifer Connelly, from certain angles anyway. That might sound a bit weird, comparing Cobie's looks to that of another hottie. I consider that a compliment, as I have had nothing but love for Jen's face for decades. Anyone who stands comparable to her deserves all kinds of respect and love.


I preferred both of these two back when they had a little more thickness to their build. As they stand right now, Jaimie's body retains a sufficient amount of curve to keep me intrigued. She can certainly wear the hell out of a bikini. It's a skill usually sufficient to win my vote.

Both these two are in perfectly good shape and I'd be happy to have at either one. Choosing between them is mostly just a matter of nitpicking for me. For instance, Cobie is a little more flat in the hips than I usually like. Trivialities like that aside, I'm always happy when either of these two shows of their bods.


I'm making a bit of a coin toss on this one as well. Both Jaimie and Cobie have become much sought after hotties both within the Marvel movie sphere and without. They certainly know how to turn on the sexy when the moment calls for it. I give Jaimie a little edge here due mostly to Esquire and Maxim spreads like the one above, where she sports that " I want to tear your clothes off" look she's clearly got down pat. I love that shit.

Sure, Cobie knows how to make eyes at us as well when she wants to. And she does look hot in that skin tight SHIELD uniform. Still, Jamie's way of turning up the heat just kinda works better by me. It's a minor distinction, but one I can't deny.


Jaimie has done a number of things in her career, but for most of her fans she's probably best known as Lady Sif, Thor's frustrated lifemate and not-so-secret admirer who also serves as his right hand on the battlefield. She's good in that role - so good that I really hope they give her something significant to do in the next THOR movie, other than show up, briefly pine for Thor, then disappear. I could stand to see more of her in other things as well.

Cobie secured her geek standing as Agent Maria Hill in the first AVENGERS movie and will do so again in the sequel. For those not into the whole comic book movie thing, she's perhaps even better known for her extended role on How I Met Your Mother. Opposite ends of a spectrum for sure, but they've both made her a big name in a variety of demographics. Which means that Cobie has got something for just about anyone's tastes.


Sif and Agent Hill's lack of impressive powers or superior techno wizardry is probably what keeps them in the background where Marvel stuff is concerned. Too bad, for among Jamie and Cobie's many great attributes is being a lot of fun to look at. I suppose I like to look at Jaimie a little more, but I'll take as much of either one as I can get.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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