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Face Off: Isla Fisher vs. Rose Byrne

11.11.2012by: Droz

Most everyone seemed to be in a Morena Baccarin mood last week, with only a few Adriana Lima votes coming in our previous Face Off. The weird part is that I'm right on board with you on that one. Even though Adriana won more points for me, I still would have totally gone with Morena in any real world choice. So that means I appreciate Adriana more but I want Morena more. I still don't know what that hell that means.

This week we say so long to Brazil and hello to Australia. Yes, the next stop on our global search for famous babes to compare takes us to that fabled land down unda, where the only thing hotter than the women is the blazing hot sun that roasts them all alive this time of year. It's a land were really cute, fun and cuddly animals mingle with "holy shit I'm dying," scary as shit, deadly, murderous animals, right in people's back yards. They get down to some serious shit down in that part of the world, especially when it comes to growing up some sexy ladies - two of which we feature today. Now Rose Byrne and Isla Fisher aren't the same kind of ladies as far as looks go, but they come to us from the land of Vegemite and big ass reefs and that's good enough. But which Aussie sheila is the is the most spunky of the two? Let's evaluate.


It's been a foregone conclusion for me, ever since I first saw Isla in WEDDING CRASHERS, that she was the sweetest, cutest, most adorable thing that ever lived. That impression has only solidified with time. Most women with infectious smiles, expressive doe eyes and, of course, beautiful red hair would almost always be a grand slam victory as far as what I find preferable in females. Isla brings all this together in such a way that every feature perfectly compliments the other and works flawlessly to create one beautiful woman.

Speaking of doe eyes, Rose's are some of my favorites. She's also got a delicacy to her that reminds me of something fragile and porcelain that might break if you handled it too roughly. There's something very classical to her beauty, kind of like the ladies old masters had sit for them back in Renaissance times to create their masterpieces. All her features are just lovely and come together so nicely. I wouldn't change a thing about her.


Isla's body is Goldilocks' porridge as far as I'm concerned. Nothing too slim or too thick about her. She's got those feminine curves that are obvious, but not so strikingly so. There's just enough woman there to make her pleasing to both the eye and the touch. Basically, she busts out in all the right places and stays flat in all the others. Can't go wrong there.

Rose is beautiful, but she's a little too thin for my tastes. I think she gets that honestly though. She's natural enough in her frame that the possibility of her starving herself to get so petite seems unlikely. She's just one of those ladies who can't help but be tiny. In other words, the kind of woman most other women hate. And she'll probably always be the tiny thing, even when she's long since been put out to pasture.

Sex Appeal

When it comes down to sexy moments on screen, Isla has had a few, but they're often mingled with comedy, which is usually her genre of choice. Mixing sex and comedy often emphasizes the funny over the sexy, which is a necessary trade off. That still tends to put a damper on one's ability to appreciate hotties getting down to it - as does the fact that Isla has yet to do any significant nudity, which is unfortunate. She does look pretty great in her underwear, though she'd look great in most anything.

Rose has had her sexy moments as well, many of them quite charged. One that I'm rather fond of was her deleted scene from TROY. Not only was her scene with Achilles a particularly hot moment, but also a powerful one. Being as beautiful as she is adds a significance to her scenes. It's not often women as lovely as Rose agree to get their kit off for cameras. The fact that she does get naked squeezes even more hotness out of those on screen moments. It also gives her the edge she needs for a win.


What can I say? There are only so many wedding movies I can see before the whole thing becomes boring and trite. Same thing with your kid's book and cartoon adaptations. These have marked the bulk of Isla's work for much of her career to date. Although it does look like she's starting to get into more grown up fare in future releases. We'll see how that turns out for her. As it stands now, quite a few more misses than hits for me in her body of work.

Many more things in Rose's resume that are to my liking. Films like the already mentioned TROY (Director's Cut), SUNSHINE, 28 WEEKS LATER, GET HIM TO THE GREEK and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS are the most well known of my favorites. She was also good in that show Damages. I like that she can move in and and out of various genres, offering something appropriate to each. That's a pretty good indicator of a skilled actor. Not many folks can do that. Gotta give her credit where credit is due.


Well, there's another one that went differently from what I anticipated. Fortunately I'm pretty enthusiastic about both these ladies, so I was never going to have any difficulty advocating for whoever won. Rose gets the blue ribbon here, but she and Isla are evenly matched when it comes to looks. Isla leads in the body competition, but unfortunately missed out on points due to some of her career choices. No matter the winner, they are two amazing Aussie hotties who rank pretty high on my hottie appreciation scale.

That's my choice. Which is yours?
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