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Face Off: Isla Fisher vs. Kate Beckinsale

02.29.2016by: Droz

Ya'll seemed to have some trouble deciding between Hayden Panettiere and Hilary Duff in last week's Face Off. They are in pretty much the same place in life and their careers. Not to mention all the other similarities between them. Yet another occasion when it's hard to argue against either choice.

I wouldn't blame anyone for having some trouble deciding between this week's Face Off hotties Isla Fisher and Kate Beckinsale. Those pics we posted of them last week demonstrate how even in their 40s, these two are still impressive sights. I don't even need to bring up their mutally amazing back catalogs of hotness. You can't make a bad choice between those two. Which excellent hottie choice would you make between these two?


Isla was like a dream come true for me when she first started getting noticeable roles around a decade ago. A gorgeous redhead with the sweetest smile you've ever seen? It doesn't get any better than that.

It took me about a decade to warm up to Kate's looks. Or perhaps it took her a decade to ripen into a truly gorgeous woman. In some of her early roles back in the 90s, she was little more than okay - kinda lanky, sometimes bordering on homely. Sounds strange to say such a thing about Kate, but then we all have our awkward stages. Anyone with eyes can see 21st century Kate is a complete knockout.


This one might be a little unfair, considering how Kate got her baby making done 17 years ago and Isla was preggers as recently as last year. For a woman who just delivered a kid, Isla looks fabulous. She's always had an amazing body, despite whatever reproductive exploits she engages in. However, I gotta give this one to Kate, who goes above and beyond most hotties in this category.

I've always felt a little sorry for Kate's daughter having to grow up with a mom who for years has set the standard for the fittest, tightest, most desirable body in Hollywood. Talk about intimidating. Kate is probably going to have this body well into her golden years, which makes any mother/daughter rivalry pointless. Like with most hotties out there, Kate just automatically wins.


Obviously Isla is extremely hot. Not only because of the face and the hair and the body, but also her personality and disposition. Those last two bring with them a hotness all their own. She's also never been one to shy away from portraying herself as a hottie. These are all good things, in which Kate also exceeds - maybe even exceeds a little more than Isla. It's a photo finish thing, but Kate wins this by a nose for me.

I keep thinking of Kate in her skin tight leather suit from UNDERWORLD, with the pale skin and her jet black hair dripping wet. Those movies kinda suck, but the imagery they've helped create is potent. Then I picture her in all those bikinis while on vacation in Mexico, bending over an outdoor chaise and sticking her ass out at the camera. Images like those make it hard to go any other way on this one.


Neither of these two will probably ever be in Oscar territory. Neither is flush with billion dollar blockbusters, nor possess any one personal characteristic you might easily point to as the thing which makes them distinctly better than the other here. Isla does have the advantage of not being mired in franchise conformity like Kate. Her projects, while usually small, if not forgettable comedies, are at the very least distinct and varied. Being cute and funny like Isla doesn't hurt her here either.

Strange how Kate got typecast as a vampire hottie in the UNDERWORLD movies. Sure, the first one did okay at the box office and she looked good in it. I'm not surprised they made another. And then another. And another. And another. Why this sequel happiness means Kate has to be synonymous with these movies and only these movies remains unclear. She's not the worst actress I ever saw. She'd be great in a comic book movie or whatever. They do Kate a terrible disservice by pigeonholing her. They should stop.


I could lose my redhead fan membership for this, but then it's quite a challenge for anyone to beat Kate in a hottie contest. She'll always be top shelf.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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