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Face Off: Isla Fisher vs. Amy Adams

08.25.2014by: Droz

It was another tie game between Juno Temple and Alexa PenaVega in last week's Face Off. You guys certainly gave them more love than audiences gave their SIN CITY sequel. I think that might have been the worst box office showing of a big time summer movie in recent memory. A fittingly bad end to an abysmal summer movie season.

I've had repeated cause to think about my favorite redheads lately. It seems like they just keep coming up. For instance, one of my favorite redheads Isla Fisher, has her movie LIFE OF CRIME coming out this week. Ain't she a sweetheart? She reminds me of another redheaded doll, just as sweet, who goes by the name of Amy Adams. Yes, it's a battle of the adorable redheads this week. Two redheads enter, one redhead leaves. Which one of these two would you risk the gulag to save? I don't know why I waxed all Thunderdome there, but make your case below anyway.


As far as I'm concerned, these two are evenly matched here. One might argue that neither deserves to be lauded for their redhead virtues, due to their mutual, natural blondness. I don't see it that way. They've both been beloved members of the ginger club long enough to have made memories of her natural states remote. Anyway, my decision-making skills are further inhibited here by things not limited to beautiful hair. They're both cute as a button and possess a charming demeanor. I love to listen to them speak and walk and talk and do just about anything.

← That.


On the other hand, Isla's body is just as much of a draw for me as her beautiful face and hair. Girl has always had a superior body, plenty shapely. She's also been known to make much more of a show of it over the years. Some of her fashion and magazine spreads are the stuff of legend. Quite the event when she shows up in something tight and/or barely there.

Both these two have fluctuated somewhat over the years in this area. That's what the ravages of child birth will do to a hot body. I'm not suggesting that Amy is disgusting or anything. She was clearly rocking those '70s clothes in fine style throughout AMERICAN HUSTLE. Yet, despite having a perfectly good body, that's never really been the thing that keeps me coming back to her.


I remember watching WEDDING CRASHERS and and wanting to bust Vince Vaughn in the face for constantly kicking Isla's character off his jock. What a ridiculous reaction. Sure, she was batshit, but I think most guys could stand some batshit if the reward was getting ahold of Isla and her fine ass. Her hotness transcends whatever she's doing or whoever she's playing. I look at her and I instantly know what to do with her. I can't speak for Vince, but I've never had a moment's hesitation in my resolve there.

I've got a vaguely kid sister feeling about Amy. I guess I'm probably rather weird in that regard, partly because she is hot and also because she's older than me. Girl is a heap load of adorable though, you can't deny that. Even when she's doing more mature roles, she's still adorable. Does that mean I wouldn't gladly pull her underwear off with my teeth? Of course not. However, I don't have the same burning lust for her that I have for some other hotties out there.


Isla doesn't show up in most of the movies I see. My movie going experiences with giant green monsters or vast elven armies or exploding spaceships far outweigh the time I've spent watching Isla doing anything on the big screen. I wish that wasn't the case, but sadly her films and my film preferences simply don't match at this point in her career. Maybe that will change one day. I hope so.

It might sound dickish, but I'm still surprised sometimes that Amy has become the A-lister she is. How many people could have predicted that the violated bikini babe from PSYCHO BEACH PARTY or Ricky Bobby's piss-on assistant from TALLADEGA NIGHTS would one day blossom into the Oscar darling she's become? Certainly not me. Yet there she is, right at the top of the heap. Not too many can rival her success amidst today's crop of elite actors.


Just look at that glorious thing up there. She's got hotness practically dripping off her. Who could ever resist something as irresistible as that? Not me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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