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Face Off: Hilary Duff vs. Katharine McPhee

02.27.2017by: Droz

There was plenty of love to spread around for both Natalie Portman and Emma Stone in last week's Face Off, though Natalie's spread seemed to be a little thicker, or wider depending on how you prefer to use that word. Unfortunately for Nats, the Oscars weren't of the same mindset, but it's an honor just to be nominated. Right?

I got to thinking about butt jeans last week after seeing a few choice pics of both Hilary Duff and Katharine McPhee wearing them with excellent natural ability. These two have a bunch of stuff in common, other than having fine asses. They sing, they act, they have their own tv shows, they're both frequently seen hotties around here. But of course, being curvaceous and sexy as all get-out hotties might be the greatest attribute they in common. Which hottie with the amazing ass skills works best by you?


Hilary is a lovely woman with an infectious smile. The uncomfortable thing is how I still associate those smiles with Lizzie McGuire. I know, it's been over a decade since Hilary was synonymous with one of the mouse's greatest jail bait success stories. I doubt most people under the age of 25 even recall Lizzie McGuire with anything but vague awareness. I'm not even sure why I do, but that character does come to mind whenever I have reason to concentrate on Hilary's face over other parts of her. I don't have that problem with Katharine, which is why she gets the edge here.

I rarely ever gave a shit who won American Idol. I had about as much stake in the various outcomes of that show as I do which crow flies off the fence post first. The rare exception to my indifference was when Katharine showed up on there. From the first moment she did her thing in front of their asshole judges, I knew I wanted her to win. Sure, she had a nice voice, but it was her looks that made the real difference to me. Then later we learned about Kat's all around goodness, but it was her face I fell for first.


It doesn't feel right to take any kind of position that would suggest I don't approve of Hilary's body. If you've seen any of our gagillion posts about her here, you know that's not true at all. Putting her in just about anything is a celebration of the many things I love about women. But then the same goes for Katharine's body. It might feel a little weird, but I gotta go with the one who has the best all around body, which is Katherine this time around.

I started out listing the things these two have in common. One more thing to add to that list is how they've had their struggles with weight issues. They were never massive, but there have been times when there was a little more to Katharine and Hilary. It's never mattered to me if Katharine was thick or thin. My liking for her bod has never wavered.


I've come to believe pretty much all of Hilary's great ass moments are neither accidental nor incidental. That's by no means the most earth-shattering revelation ever, seeing how she tends to put that beautiful backside out there as often as she can. And why not? It gets her a lot of attention, which is what being in her business is all about. No matter what's going on in the rest of her life, being gifted out back is one area where Hilary is a total success.

Speaking of frequent postings of certain hotties, take Katherine. Every time something with her comes up, it's one of two reactions: either these pics of her looking super hot need to be posted immediately, or it's too bad she's not more super hot-looking in those pics, but screw it let's post them anyway. It's impossible to ignore Katharine. She's one of the most reliable sources for hotness out there.


Over there. →

While I'm thinking of things these two have in common, one more to add to the list is the fact that I don't have much interest in most of what either Hilary or Katharine do or have done with their careers. I know it sounds mean, but it's the truth. I don't watch most of their movies and shows, nor do I listen to their music. If it wasn't for the fact that they're beautiful and hot, I might not know who they were at all. My personal preferences aside, both Hilary and Katharine are famous for doing very similar things, namely acting and singing and being pop culture icons. That sounds fairly equalized to me.


And the winner is...Hilary Duff! Congratulations Hilary and all the amazing booty goodness you give us. You know, I recall the first time I gazed upon her unbelievable...oh, okay, I want to tell you what happened. It's the last time I let PricewaterhouseCoopers count my votes. Sorry Hilary, I wasn't trying to be funny. Alright, I was trying to be funny. Anyway, Congrats Katharine.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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