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Face Off: Hilary Duff vs. Blake Lively

01.26.2015by: Droz

It wasn't a huge surprise that Salma Hayek edged out Hayley Atwell in last week's Face Off - not with her longstanding and well earned army of erect fans. Yeah, Hayley hasn't been around nearly as long, but she has made up a lot of ground in a short time just by being the gorgeous, sensuous, curvy and wonderfully English woman she is by nature.

It's a little weird to see all the teen hotties from years ago starting to get knocked up. Some of them are even graduating to single mom status thanks to highly publicized divorces. They grow up so fast, don't they? Take Hilary Duff and Blake Lively. The two of them are once beloved coming of age idols who now stand as equally beloved MILFs. Circumstances change but the hotness remains, at least where these two are concerned. But which former child star turned current child rearer do you have a bigger thing for?


Hilary is one of those people who almost always has a smile on her face. She's smiling in the movies and TV shows, she's smiling on the promotional materials, she's smiling at the premiere, she's smiling on the sidewalk while out and about. It might sound silly, but a big smile like that not only puts people at ease but also makes a person far more attractive. For me, at least half of my love for Hilary sources from her fondness for those big grins.

I fear that Blake is a hottie who's true beauty doesn't translate as well in still imagery as it does in full motion. Hey, it happens. It's not a sin or some kind of knock against her. When I see Blake in a movie or whatever I'm very much taken with her beauty. Unfortunately I don't see a lot of her movies or whatever, which makes still images the primary means by which I can evaluate her. And once again I find myself enjoying a blonde more when she's a brunette. I'm a broken record on that kind of thing, but it's how I tend to feel.


For a long time Hilary was your standard shapely young hottie. Then she got knocked up and did as many women do in that situation, which is to balloon up pretty big. I was a little concerned about whether or not she might ever be able to recover from that. Thankfully she did manage to burn off most of that baby fat, leaving behind an especially sexy, curvaceous body, complete with a butt that looks awesome in a tight pair of jeans.

There's nothing wrong with Blake's body. In fact, I think she's built pretty damn nicely. So nicely put together is Blake that I was enthusiastic about her even when she was preggers, which is an unusual thing for me. As terrific and highly desirable as Blake's body is, I think I'm still caught up in all these shots of Hilary's ass in jeans. However, should Blake start showing up in some ass jeans, I'll be sure to reevaluate my call here.


There was a time when Hilary was big on spreading the image of herself as a sex symbol in all kinds of ways. Lately her kid seems to be monopolizing the time she might have otherwise spent showing off sexy like she used to. As a result, she's become something of a one trick pony, relying on paparazzi shots of her ass to carry her in the hotness area. I'm actually okay with that, however it's only fair to acknowledge Blake's far more varied and consistent legacy of bringing the sexy moments.

It's possible, now that Blake has had her kid, that she will go the same route as Hilary and cut back severely on the sexy moments. I hope not, but it's a fairly routine thing for women in her place. Looking over her back catalog of hotness though, I've got to hand it to her. Girl knows how to show off what she's got. Great stuff.


That →

I'm sure these two have helped many a young person arrive at their sexual awakening. That's half the reason why most teen shows exist. Unfortunately for me, Hilary and Blake's run as adolescent spank material was a bit after my time. Their work since then has been similarly outside my scope of interest, with obvious exceptions given to the wearing of hot dresses on location shoots. Anyway, my lack of significant investment in their career pursuits compels me to give them both a no vote here.


There's a whole new generation of millennial MILFs out there realizing their reproductive potential, within which Hilary and Blake are two early members. They've both proven themselves two of the hottest of their time for sure, but between them I'm just a little more partial to Hilary, thanks mostly to her sweet demeanor. Those butt jean shows don't hurt her there either.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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