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Face Off: Hayden Panettiere vs. Hilary Duff

02.22.2016by: Droz

Victoria Justice gave way to AnnaSophia Robb by a small lead in last week's Face Off. Once again a phenomenal ass makes all the difference between two very similar hotties.

Speaking of similar hotties, take Hayden Panettiere and Hilary Duff. They've been on similar paths in life for some time now. Starting out as adorable, petite, precocious, blonde, teen phenoms, they've since endeavored into TV, movies and music careers. They've both married famous sportsmen and become mothers by those guys. And now in their late 20s, these two seem content to present themselves as curvaceous MILFs. That's a lot of stuff to have in common. Can you choose between these two so similar hotties?


Rarely has anyone captured the public's fascination like Hayden did back in her Heroes days. As Claire, the indestructible cheerleader, she was a huge reason why that show became the phenomenon it was for a time, just by the quality of her looks. Fast-forward 10 years and we see Hayden still has her pretty face going for her. I get nothing but warm feelings coming from Hayden's mug.

Hilary has always been a cutie, but the one most striking element in her beauty is a nearly constant joviality. She's almost always got a big, happy smile on her face, no matter if she's doing something professionally or just walking down the street. These charming grins have been one of the key elements to her appeal throughout her time on the scene and they continue to serve her well today.


Hayden doesn't look bad at all, but then we haven't seen her in a minimum of clothes since she gave birth. By her own admission, this recent pregnancy really did a number on her diminutive body. I'm not sure how extensive the damage is there, but some has to be expected when a tiny, 5-foot tall thing brings to term the child of a 6' 6 giant. It wasn't just the kid who contributed to her extreme stretching. A pair of ill-advised implants also did a number on those once perfectly fine itty bitty titties, expanding them all out of proportion. Hey, it's her body and her choice what's done with it. Still, tiny folks like Hayden don't tend to react well to having things implanted in them, be they bags of silicone or embryonic humans.

One of the best things about these two is how they never went the anorexic route. They've stayed fit and healthy throughout most of their run as celebs. Although much like Hayden, Hilary did have that run-in with pregnancy, which also ballooned her up pretty good there for awhile. I was concerned she might never recover, but what happened instead was Hilary settling into a nice little curvy frame, complete with perhaps my favorite ass of all right now. There's nothing but happy things happening on Hilary's bod nowadays.


Is Hayden hot? Of course she is. We all remember her in the cheerleader outfit, or in any number of different magazine spreads and bikini candids throughout the years. This one is simply a matter of personal choice for me. For whatever reason, Hayden doesn't inspire quite the same degree of fascination as Hilary does. I don't know why, exactly. It could be a lot of things. All I can say for sure is Hilary does it for me better. The rest will just have to remain a mystery.

I might not have an exact reckoning on why Hayden comes in second in my estimation, but I know precisely why Hilary is my #1. And again, it's all about the booty with her. Pretty much any tush of a requisite size and shape puts me in a happy place, but I find Hilary's hot ass especially inspiring. When she squeezes her butt into something tight, it instantly fills my mind and body with a vast array of fantasies and desires. Hers is a posterior with a powerful hold on me.


Ironically enough, the means by which these two have achieved celebrity might be the least important thing about them for me. I don't listen to their music and I don't watch their shows. In fact, current shows like Nashville or Younger leave nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth. I just like to look at them. Does that make me an asshole? If so, I doubt I'm the only asshole out there. Anyway, I wont penalize them for my lack of interest. So they both get my vote in this category, if only just because it's nice to have them around, in any capacity.

←That covers it.


Are these the two hottest MILFs around today? That's debatable. They're certainly two of the hottest new MILFs around. Yet between the two of them, I guess I'm a little more for Hilary because of, big shock, her great ass. Those booties - always helping me make up my mind.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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