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Face Off: Hayden Panettiere vs. AnnaSophia Robb

03.13.2017by: Droz

One pretty much had to vote for Brie Larson in our previous Face Off, what with her being virtually everywhere last week promoting KONG: SKULL ISLAND. Come May when ALIEN: COVENANT is about to hit theaters, no doubt the same will be true for Katherine Waterston.

Speaking of getting around on the promotional circuit, take Hayden Panettiere. She has her own publicity job to do right now for her resurrected Nashville show. And while we're on the subject of TV shows I don't watch, how about AnnaSophia Robb and her PBS series Mercy Street, airing new episodes as we speak. Obviously these two have a lot more in common than shows your mom watches. Their primary comparison is as petite little blonde hotties we all adore. But who does the petite little blonde thing better? That's the question.


I'm not sure it's possible to definitively single out one cutie from another and thereby make her the cutest for everyone. Obviously these two are adorable, but only the individual can decide who's cuteness works better. For this particular individual, Hayden is just fine, but she doesn't have those big doe eyes like AnnaSophia. I do love those so, almost as much as some of the more saucy bits of hottie bodies.

So yeah, AnnaSophia has the doe eyes and they are great. She's also got qualities here I can't quite put my finger on. I don't know how she does it exactly, but whenever she brings out one of her sweet, dimply smiles I find myself instantly smitten with her. They talk about having stars in your eyes, well there's what AnnaSophia does for me. I've never thought of myself as a "love at first sight" kinda guy, but I think she could change my mind.


Hayden's big break was 10 years ago on Heroes. Seems longer than that. Despite the distance of those far-flung days, my fantasy of Hayden continues to be helping her strip nude out of her old cheerleader outfit. I'd give just about anything to experience that. Hayden has since done some no doubt destructive things to her little body, first and foremost there delivering to term a giant's baby. I still like to think watching her fulfill my fantasy strip would continue to be amazing.

Both AnnaSophia and Hayden have gone through some body changes in their time thus far. AnnaSophia started out a tight little surfer girl in bikinis. And then she did a total 180 and became a thick little hottie in garish dresses with the most glorious ass you've ever seen. Nowadays girl is back to the tight little body, but the really cool part there is how at every point on the above body shape timeline, she's remained consistently hot. A little thicker, a littler thinner, it's all good with AnnaSophia.


Maybe I'm seeing things, or just wishing too hard my fantasies are true, but for some time now I've had the sneaking suspicion there are sides to Hayden's hotness we'll never fully know about. Something about her attitude and the way she carries herself suggests she's got a fearlessness about her there. It's possible she's just good at putting out a vibe and isn't really the sort who would rip your pants off in a frenzy of sexual desire. My money is on it not being an act at all.

AnnaSophia is hot insofar as someone who looks like she does must invariably be seen as hot. I don't get the sense that there are any hidden depths to her hotness - at least, not in the same way I feel about Hayden. Of course I could be wrong there. Who knows? Maybe hidden under AnnaSophia's adorable exterior is an insane sex addict just begging for it. Believe me, I'd be more than happy to have it that way.


Much of what Hayden does as an actress is no less skippable than AnnaSophia's. Lots of so called "girly" stuff in her CV, which is fine if you're a girl or down for things girlish. Being a male, I'm understandably elsewhere on the matter. Despite my sentiments on the subject at hand, it is clear Hayden has gotten around as an actress, with quite a list of prior roles to brag on. That's help make her something of a brighter star than AnnaSophia in most respects.

For me, most of the appeal in an AnnaSophia project comes via the fact that she appears in it. Which is another way of saying I enjoy looking at her, but don't always find myself intrigued by the story or the subject matter. She has yet to delve into genres of film or television I take an interest in, which is the bulk of my problem there. Let me know when she picks up a gun and starts fighting aliens, or chewing up the screen in some wartime epic. That I can get into.


You can see from the above animation why I get the feeling Hayden is a sex tiger just waiting to break loose from her cage. It's not every girl who would simulate money shots with champagne for public view. And that right there is just one reason why Hayden is the winner she is.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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