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Face Off: Haley Bennett vs. Ana de Armas

09.19.2016by: Droz

Elle Fanning seems to be the sister most people would go for, rather than Dakota Fanning. At least that's what last week's Face Off seemed to indicate. She definitely has the momentum right now where hotness goes. Hard to argue against her momentum recently.

It's safe to say that none of us are perfect (those of you frequently critical of our posts here will readily agree with that). Being imperfect people, we sometimes overlook hotties deserving of our attention. Take Haley Bennett and Ana de Armas. They've both been around for awhile, starred in high profile stuff, and put out some sexy content over the years. Yet for whatever reason, we've barely covered them here. With big movies out this year and more to come, overlooking Haley and Ana probably wont be an option anymore. So consider this our recognition of all the good things these two fine ladies have to offer. Which overlooked hottie do you prefer to look at?


You might be wondering why we put a picture of Jennifer Lawrence in Haley's beauty category. Rest assured, that is Haley. She's one of those people who can look like many other people - even beloved hotties like Jen. It's all the more interesting how the people Haley resembles change, depending on how she presents herself. I find women with this kind of morphing ability fascinating, particularly when their disparate visages all look so lovely.

I could make a big list of all the things Ana has going for her here, but I'll limit myself to just a few. Maybe my favorite thing about Ana's mug are her eyes - two great hazel green beauties which seem to glow with a golden fire. These aren't the sort of eyes you see every day, which makes them all the better. Then you got those pouty little kissable lips. Together these are almost enough to distract me from the rest of Ana, which is pretty amazing considering how good the rest of her is.


Piecing together pics from here and there, it becomes clear how nice Haley's body is overall. Her ass in particular appears to be a one of the finer aspects of her body. She hasn't been quite as forthcoming with her bod as Ana has, which would be my only complaint about what she brings to this table. Otherwise, I'm more than happy with Haley's body stats.

I almost went with a split vote here, but I feel compelled to honor Ana's dedication to showing off her body in full - even if it is more or less equally matched with Haley's. Neither one is a prude in this area and it's likely we will see more of them both in the buff in years ahead. That said, I find myself leaning a little more into Ana's corner here, for reasons.


As hot as she can be when the role or whatever calls for it, my inclination is to think of Haley more as an actress than a sex symbol. This is not a bad thing since she is an actress and by the looks of things poised to become a most successful and prolific one at that. Anyway, I'm sure most actresses in her league would appreciate much more than resent the distinction I give Haley here.

Ana's Cuban heritage and Spanish film industry experiences have ingrained a certain innate hotness in her quite common to those of a similar background. There's something about those Latin ladies. They communicate all their hottie potential without having to say or do anything. Ana's hotness is very much written all over her fine ass.


We've seen plenty of Haley and Ana in the last couple years. You're going to see even more of them in years to come. Haley in particular looks to be making the near future her time to become omnipresent in movies. This is good, since it seems like Haley has been paying her dues for an inordinately long amount of time, just skirting the edges of fame without reaching the higher order notoriety commensurate with her experience. She's well past due for the recognition she deserves.

Ana has seen her notoriety jacked up quite impressively this year, thanks to multiple 2016 movies she has under her belt. Perhaps the most significant gig Ana has thus far earned comes out next year in the form of the BLADE RUNNER sequel. Little is known about this movie or the role Ana will play in it. Still, just being in it is quite a feather to have in her cap. Provided it doesn't turn out to be a total pooch screw, this sequel should act as a nice segue to future high profile work for Ana.


It may be a little too simplistic to give Haley the talent cred and Ana the hotness, but that's how I tend to see things between these two. And as is often the case, hotness comes through for the win.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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