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Face Off: Hailee Steinfeld vs. Sophie Turner

11.14.2016by: Droz

Unlike some vote tallies made recently, there's not a whole lot of complaining to do about Amy Adams getting the majority vote over Charlize Theron in our previous Face Off installment. I might be a little more in Charlize's column, but the truth is you can't lose with either one.

No doubt most of the Harry Potter folks are gonna be all over the upcoming FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM this week. Not me. Surprisingly enough, I'm kinda looking forward to Hailee Steinfeld's new one, EDGE OF SEVENTEEN. It's just the kind of role I've been waiting for her to do - something a little...edgy, pardon the pun. Provided they steer this one closer to the John Hughes philosophy of teen movies, rather than the far more blithering modern day approaches to the genre, I think they'll have a winner.

When thinking of who to put with Hailee this week, it seemed only natural to go with one of her contemporaries, beloved and desired Game of Thrones player Sophie Turner. These two have been tight ever since being brought together in the fairly shitty teen spy movie BARELY LETHAL last year. Despite what their movies might be about, 2016 sees both officially leave behind their teens for the long, downhill run that is one's 20s. Which newly 20-something hottie is your choice?


Hailee has really begun to come into her own over the last year or so, going from a cute teen to a beautiful young woman. She's also become one of the more pleasant faces out there in celebrity land right now. I especially enjoy her when she keeps the makeup to a minimum, as this tends to bring out more of the Filipino in her looks, which when combined with the rest of Hailee's heritage, makes her a truly unique beauty amid the current crop of pretty faces in Hollywood.

Sophie has become the stuff of many a GoT fan's fantasies recently, thanks in part to her lovely face and, of course, her brilliant red hair. Yes, it was a little off putting to see her switch over to blonde this year. Not the look I would choose for her, had I any say on the matter. Still, I have to hand it to Sophie. She went from red to blonde without losing much of what I find lovely about her. Anyone who can successfully pull that off has to be naturally easy on the eyes.


I'm not sure why the sudden succession of sexy body moments coming from Hailee this year came across as provocative as they did. I guess it was kinda unexpected. We had assumed she was more of the austere type, not given to flashy moments with her body. It was such a welcome treat to find out just how wrong we were on that. Now Hailee seems to be eager to let the sexy bod moments come through as often as possible. I wouldn't call her the most showy of her age group, but she does a nice job there anyway. Her butt in particular is one of my new fascinations.

While Hailee is a new fascination of mine in this category, Sophie is more like an unfulfilled desire. It's possible she shows up nude at some point on GoT - virtually every other actor on there has by now. Or it could be some other thing that gets her out of them clothes. Something tells me it's only a matter of time there, as Sophie doesn't strike me as the prude type. She's quite fond of her tight jeans and mildly revealing evening gowns. But then Hailee's bikinis and stage gear have been pretty nice too. We'll see if Sophie has something better to offer down the line, but right now I'm kinda digging on Hailee's body of work.


So Hailee looks great in a bikini. No doubt. Still, if I had to choose a word to best describe her in a general sense, it would have to be "sweetheart." Sweetness isn't necessarily the antithesis of hotness, but as with most things, most of us are more of one than the other. It's my sense that in spite of all the sexy bod she's shown off lately, Hailee continues to be more of an adorable cutie pie than a full on sex beast. Again, not a bad thing. Just a little different than Sophie over there.

You ever get the feeling you don't know the half of it when it comes to certain celebrity hotties? That's how I've come to feel about Sophie Turner over the last several months. She may have been playing the helpless innocent on her show for years now, but I suspect she is anything but. Where Hailee is the cute one with the sweet smile, Sophie seems like the mischievous, cat that ate the canary type. And like many a redhead, there is surely a wildcat within Sophie just begging to go nuts on a guy. I predict there will be more and more of us wishing we were that guy in years to come.


Hailee's aspirations diverge into a couple different areas of entertainment, those being acting and singing. I can't vouch for her singing skills, but I know she has the chops as an actress. You probably saw her in TRUE GRIT and a few more movies since then. Her latest movie, EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, puts Hailee into the kind of complex role I've been waiting years for her to play. It looks like she's gonna get a chance to spread her wings with that one. If all goes well, I expect her to fly high from now on.

I'm a little marginal on Sophie's acting talents up to this point. She's not awful, but there have been a few moments when she struggled to keep up with some of her more talented GoT co-stars. She didn't exactly help X-MEN APOCALYPSE get any less shallow either. That said, if they ever get Hailee and Sophie together in a weighty scene full of emotional monologues and weepy moments, it's my sense Hailee would totally steal the show.


I'm a sucker for a sweet face like Hailee's. Put that together with sex appeal and talent and you've got a combo I find hard to resist. Sophie is no slouch in the looks or hotness area either, but for me Hailee edges her out in the other categories.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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