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Face Off: Genesis Rodriguez vs. Christina Milian

03.09.2015by: Droz

It was a tie game between Eva Mendes and Jessica Biel in last week's Face Off. Seems fair. I was tempted to be of two minds on that myself. Choosing between them is an awful tough choice to make.

I thought we were all done comparing hot Cuban women, but this week brings up a couple more. Folks from that island nation do seem to produce some incredible women. Makes me hope the slowly thawing relationship between Cuba and the US will one day produce an influx of fine ass Cuban women importing their hotness to our shores. But for now we've got plenty of Cuban Americans to choose from. Take Genesis Rodriguez, who's got her new Liam Neeson TAKEN clone RUN ALL NIGHT coming out this week. There's also Christina Milian who, aside from acting and singing, also seems fond of bringing out her awesome tits for us to admire. They're two delicious daughters of Cuba. But which hot and spicy Cuban dish looks tastier to you?


There's something about Genesis' eyes that gives her my vote here. The rest of her face is plenty gorgeous, but it's in the eyes were her beauty truly lies. She says a lot with those eyes. Sadness, desire, joy, pain, it's all expressed with her eyes. I'm fascinated with people who can do that - women especially. They're so much more captivating than the dead eyed celebs who seem to be increasing in number lately.

Christina is cute as can be. I've never had a problem with her face. She's the kind of person who almost always wears a smile, which I love. I went the other way here because despite my fondness for her upbeat visage, Christina's face is not the first place I go to when admiring her attributes. Nothing more to it than that.


Genesis' trim yet busty figure was actually the first thing I ever noticed about her. That was back when she was first making her way into American productions and was getting herself noticed via some hot magazine spreads. Becoming taken with that awesome body first made it difficult to appreciate the other good things Genesis brings, although I've leveled out there since. Hers remains high up the list of bodies I'd love to see in the buff.

Where sexy bodies are concerned, you can't go wrong with Christina. Girl has been showing off that bangable body of hers ever since I can remember her being around. Things only got better after she had her kid, which made those already great aspects of her body just get bigger and rounder. That's my one favorite thing about hotties having kids.


We've established these two are hot, which makes this category somewhat redundant. The only thing left to mention is what makes them hot for us. With Genesis, I find it's her graceful beauty thing. She's of that almost too pretty to be real variety commonly seen amidst the supermodel crowd. Thankfully she's got enough humanity about her as an actress to keep looks from being the whole story with her.

On the other hand, Christina has the more flashy, sometimes gaudy, over-the-top kind of hotness. She wants to show you what she's got no matter what she's doing. It's that "look at me" thing. That's not always such a great thing, particularly with people who aren't so great to look at. Not a problem where Christina is concerned though. I'll gladly look at whatever she wants to show us. The more the better.


Genesis got her start as a teen in the telenovella racket. That was until she became embroiled in a sex scandal with one of her older and married co-stars. Awkward, but fortunately things worked out a little smoother for her movie career. Over the last 3 years she's quickly worked her way up the big name co-star ladder, appearing alongside various A-list actors like Schwarzenegger, Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell, the late Paul Walker and now Liam Neeson. That's a most impressive climb in such a short time.

It's a good thing Christina is such a fun hottie to look at, because looking at her being hot is about as familiar as I get with what she does. What can I say? Christina and I have not had a meeting of the minds where her work is concerned. So aside from some inspired stage gear on her part, Christina's career choices don't concern me all that much.


Christina and Genesis are good by me. Sure, putting them under a microscope results in Genesis getting the upper hand in a couple places for me, but in an overall way I enjoy both these Cuban beauties.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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