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Face Off: Gemma Arterton vs. Kelly Brook

02.04.2013by: Droz

Everyone decided that past hottie Lynda Carter was the superior hottie compared to her modern day competitor Jaimie Alexander in last week's Face Off. I very much agree. Lynda at her prime was one of those women who could hit every right button in my mind as far as what I find attractive in women. She was about as close to my perfect woman as I could ever imagine.

Speaking of perfect, this week we're putting together two nearly perfect female specimens who have both had an eventful week or so here on Moviehotties. We've all seen the multitude of HANSEL & GRETEL premieres and events and such that Gemma Arterton has been doing lately. Just one fantastic red carpet event after another, all demonstrating what an amazing creature she is. I'm sure you've witnessed the glory of Kelly Brook's recent poolside bikini glory. She never fails to impress and then some. Now we have to get down to some hard truths about which of these two "in the news" ladies we find the more appealing. So which one is it? Let us investigate.


I love Gemma's face. There are so many levels to her beauty, all of which she can assume with little effort, each one of them better than the last. She can have a sweetness about her at one moment, the stoic majesty of a fashion model the next and top all those with the seductive gaze of a practiced sex kitten. Occasionally, just occasionally, she can be all 3 of these at once. Those are her very best moments to be sure.

So does that mean Kelly is an ugly duckling in comparison to Gemma? Certainly not. Kelly is clearly a gorgeous creature and I have zero issues with her looks. If I select one over the other here, it's only because I've got a certain fascination with Gemma's face. Truth be told, if I had only one face to look at for the rest of my life, I could be content with either of these ladies.


Tough competition here and also a tough choice to make. Gemma's got some lovely curves on her and it's always a great day when we get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of them. If anything leaves Gemma trailing here, it's the decade-long fixation I've had with Kelly and the consistency with which she's brought the hotness during that time. Not many women can compete with that.

Do I really need to say anything here? Just look at the event any Kelly Brook bikini moment automatically becomes. It's common knowledge at this point that Kelly's got the sexiest hourglass figure there is. There's nobody around today who can compare to her in this category and you have to go back a long way to find anyone who could. So I guess that means Kelly has the finest body alive, at least in my opinion.


No question these two are bringing the hotness. They don't even have to try. They walk down the street and they're instantly hotter than anyone else you know. That would be enough right there, but both Gemma and Kelly always make sure to put in the extra effort in various ways, from subtle glances to full on, scantily-clad magazine spreads. I find it difficult to say which one of them is more effective at these efforts, so I wont.

← Ditto


Gemma does a lot more movies than Kelly, so you might think that her more prominent appearance on the big screen would win her the category here. Unfortunately, a lot of her movie roles have been either stinkers or bit parts. I don't think I've seen a really good Gemma Arterton movie yet. Not to say that she's responsible for making movies bad - quite the contrary. She's about the only thing that kept me interested in either PRINCE OF PERSIA or CLASH OF THE TITANS. Unfortunately, she can't save them alone.

Find me anything that Kelly Brook does that doesn't impress in some way. Are any of her movie roles anything less than spectacular simply by the fact that Kelly was cast in them? Has there been a single photo spread she's ever done that wasn't amazing? Everything Kelly does, she does well. Granted, she tends to stick with what she's good at, which is being hot as hell. She's never failed in that capacity though. I doubt she ever will.


I feel bad about picking a winner in this one, as I have so much love and desire for both these ladies. That being said, the puzzle pieces came together this time around in Kelly's favor. Tough to argue with that one, but I'm sure there are more than a few of you who can. So fire away.

That's my choice. Which one do you like?


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