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Face Off: Gemma Arterton vs. Hayley Atwell

04.21.2014by: Droz

The vote went to Christina Hendricks in last week's Face Off, though not without a lot of grumbling and slander. Man, some of you people really hate her. With the amount of venom getting spewed about, you'd think she robbed your houses or keyed your cars. Okay, so she isn't skinny and sometimes she dresses weird. Maybe that's not your thing, but I don't know why anyone should want to despise her for that.

Last week I posted some pics featuring Hayley Atwell and Gemma Arterton together at the same awards show. Then it struck me that I've never put these two together in a Face Off. That works out great for me, because I was light on excruciating choices this week. I'm even twisting the knife a little more by steadfastly refusing to make it a tie, because excruciating decisions are nothing without a little guilt tacked on. So now we've got to take two of my favorite hotties in all the world and claim one as the hotter of the two. I think this might actually hurt a little.


Both these ladies have a unique look about them, which is a big part of why I enjoy them as much as I do. Gemma is fascinating to me because she can transition from the sweetest baby-faced darling to the most angelic-looking creature. She can also look amazing without any make up at all. That's a rare thing. You gotta respect it.

Eyes are a big deal for me and Hayley has a set of particularly beautiful brown peepers on her, which are my favorite kind. I don't limit my fondness for her beauty to just her eyes. Everyone has a certain kind of face that clicks with them and makes that face their favorite. Hayley's is the one for me. I could look at that mug of hers forever and never get tired of it.


I was watching that movie THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED recently. Kind of a disturbing film in a lot of ways, but holy shit is Gemma hot in it, provided you can set aside the disturbing overtones of her nude scenes and just appreciate for a second the quality of her body. She's got one of the greatest bodies out there now. Just about perfect.

It's no secret that I have a special fondness for the ladies who aren't afraid to sport a few curves. Sure, there's beauty in every kind of body, but Hayley's kind is my favorite. Celebs are under a lot of pressure to conform to a certain physical standard, but Hayley doesn't seem to care about that. She's not afraid to be herself. That speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.


Gemma has two sides to her hotness. There's the one side that comes through without any effort at all. She wakes up in the morning and she's hot. Then there's the other side that comes out when she puts some effort into it. They're both great, but I can't say I like one more than the other. I guess that means she's hot no matter what she does.

Apart from being naturally built, Hayley also seems natural as a person - a real sweetheart. That's a great thing, but not always good for the hotness side of things. Fortunately, Hayley understands what we want to see and how badly we want to see it. That's why she hardly ever fails to show it off when she has the opportunity. And it's always a good show.


Gemma is a good actress and she's given plenty of good performances. Sure she's had a few stinkers in her time, but even if they suck, she's usually the best part about them. I give her the silver here only because I think Hayley is a stronger actress. Aside from that, I'm always happy to see Gemma show up in anything.

I've seen Hayley in a number of roles ranging from comic book heroines to medieval princesses. So I know she's got the chops as an actress. It seems to me she's just waiting for that one great role to come along and give her the A-list treatment she deserves. I hope she gets that soon, because we need more of her around.


It breaks the heart to pick favorites here, but I have no regrets. Hayley is one of my favorite hotties and one that I get the feeling would be a really good person to know in real life. Sure, the same goes for Gemma, but this time there can be only one. I'm just glad I didn't have to resort to flipping a coin.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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