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Face Off: Geeky vs. Slutty

09.30.2013by: Droz

Malin Akerman trumped Anna Faris last week as your choice of the hotter fall TV season hottie. I think that's fair. Anna has the ability to become hot in between her many kooky moments, but Malin is hot regardless of what she's doing.

This week we're looking at two of the most popular kinds of hotties doing their thing in the 21st century. The slutty, centerfold style approach has been around forever, but the geek girl is a much more recent phenomenon. It used to be that slutty vied with the good girl opposite for domination of horny male fantasies. But no one wants to be the good girl anymore. That's no fun. So if you can't be a straight up slut, maybe you can find yourself a pair of glasses and a tight STAR WARS shirt and angle for some geek cred hotness instead.

Of course, we could go on and on about posers vs. the real thing in these two approaches. Debates about who might be a true geek and who is just faking it will never end. Yes, it's true that not everyone portraying themselves as a geek truly is a geek. Likewise, a slutty demeanor does not always make one a slut. You can argue for lifestyle over fashion, if you'd like. Or you can just say that chicks in glasses or tight, low cut dresses are hot. Either way, do your best to decide which hottie persona works best for you? Lines for each choice form below.

The Look

Don't get me wrong, I like the whole glasses thing. On the right woman, it can be terribly sexy. It's also the most used and overused feature many a non-geek hottie uses to imitate the geek look. It's sufficient to appease those interested in a purely visual approach. For those who love the total geek girl package, it's not that hard to tell who's legitimately in need of corrective lenses and who just found themselves a cute set of frames to wear for effect.

The sluttier approach has many tools at it's disposal, but a beautiful set of eyes flashing a come hither stare remains one of the most powerful. Hot dresses packed with gorgeous female flesh is great and all, but those things do very little to suggest an open invitation to get better acquainted, On the other hand, there's no mistaking or ignoring a seductive stare. When she gives you the eyes, even if it is just for effect, it's still one of the most provocative things a woman can do.

The Style

Anyone who's ever walked a Comic-con floor knows there's plenty to like about the geek girls' when they're dressing up as the sexier of the various comic book, sci-fi or anime characters out there. It's one of those times when geek and slutty become one and the same. But even if it's a cute girl in a Starfleet uniform or a simple video game t-shirt - the sight of a woman who's just as enthusiastic about your geeky obsession as you are can be quite intoxicating.

There's no red-blooded, heterosexual going to thumb his nose at the sight of a hot body in a slutty dress, complete with boobs pouring out and ass perfectly contoured. I don't matter who you are or what kind of woman you like. That shit always works.

The Attitude

Being a geek doesn't necessarily come without its drawbacks, even in today's more geek permissive society. There's still a lot of pressure to conform to a way of life that's going to appease the most people possible. That goes double for the ladies, who can get shit from both genders for being all about the geek culture. That's why you have to respect the fortitude of a girl who's brave enough to declare to the world she's going to like what she likes and be how she wants to be.

There are a handful of ladies out there who can assume that slutty vibe and also genuinely live it. The rest are mostly doing it for other people's benefit. That's fine and all for visual effect, but it lacks a certain authenticity. I like to think the ladies I enjoy are doing what they do and being how they are because they want to, not because that's how they think they need to be. No matter how they choose to be, as long as they're being true to themselves, I'm all for it.


Tough one here. Both sides have tons of sex appeal and so many fine hotties I can't even begin to count them all. Speaking as one who bears a number of geek-related characteristics, I naturally identify with the ladies who do the same. I can see how it might go the other way though. For me, it comes down to trifles mostly. In any real situation, I'd be blissful with hotties from either group.

← This.


Speaking as at least half a geek, it's no surprise that I lean just a tad bit more toward their side in this debate. However, I'm highly flexible on the matter, as are most guys I'm sure. In the end, be she a Playboy playmate or a sci-fi TV goddess, a hottie is a hottie.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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