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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Elsa Pataky

05.27.2013by: Droz

It was Jordana Brewster over Michelle Rodriguez in last week's Face Off, though only by a couple votes. Jordana has never done as much for me for some reason. Granted, Michelle is pretty scary, but she's also pretty hot. As always with these things, to each his own.

So it looks like FAST & FURIOUS 6 is a certified hit. Was anyone doubting that such would be the case? These movies are mostly mindless fun, but that's not such a bad thing from time to time. You sit down for a F&F movie, you're guaranteed fast cars, guns, shit crashing and exploding, cool fights and most importantly, plenty of hot women. That makes it easy to come back for a second helping of F&F hotties for this week's Face Off between Gal Godot and Elsa Pataky. So which hottie do you have this time around? Give us your pick below.


Two beautiful ladies, what can I say? Gal has an ethereal quality about her beauty, with one of those innocent, ageless faces you'd expect to see on angels or something. She's almost too beautiful for car chases and anything where Paul Walker is involved.

Elsa is more of the glamorous type as far as her beauty goes, but she still works for me. I like the look of her with those beautiful eyes and great smile. These two are doing different things beauty wise, so it's kind of hard to compare them, but for me they mostly even out.


I don't know, am I an asshole for voting against a Ms. Universe contestant from Israel? It's a well known fact that the land of the chosen people produces some of the most choice hotties on Earth. Gal is certainly among those fantastic hotties, but she's just too skinny for my tastes. She seems to fluctuate there, going from relatively normal to sickly looking, but it's always more thin than I usually like.

Elsa's rocking the sexy curves in greater proportions than her opponent. Being who I am, that's sufficient to grant Elsa the vote for me in this category. It's obvious she works out a lot, but what do you expect? Her husband is Thor. She's got little choice but to step up body wise to keep up with that ripped dude, just so they don't look like the mismatch of the century. She hasn't taken it too far though. Plenty of feminine curves on her still, which is just fine by me.


I was almost going to make this a tie, but if I'm honest with myself I have to admit that I find Gal more pretty than hot. She's almost too pretty, to the point that I don't want her to be slutty or even sexual because she's so much more interesting as a pure, untouchable being. She reminds me of those elf queens in the LOTR movies who constantly glow and only move in slo-mo. They should make her an elf in the next HOBBIT movie. She'd be perfect.

Elsa has one of those careers built on being an object of desire, which makes her the obvious pick in this category for me. Her role in the F&F movies as the troubled cop who hardly shows any skin at all, seems to be an aberration in her career. Most everything else I've seen of her online is designed specifically to get you hot. She's pretty damn good at what she does too.


Gal hasn't done much, although I did read that she tried out to be a Bond girl once. The F&F movies are really all I have to go on with her. Gal had the same issue as Elsa when she first portrayed Gisele in 2009's FAST & FURIOUS. Thankfully they fleshed out her character a little more in the next movie, giving her some background as a former Mossad agent. She and Han have that thing, which gave her plenty of memorable scenes. They made her something more interesting than just a good-looking woman.

Like with Gal, Elsa's contributions to FAST 5 are the only thing I have to go by as far as her career goes. Her role as Elena didn't impress me much, but that wasn't really her fault. She wasn't bad in it. Her's was the secondary character role, basically serving as a means of balancing out the casting. She never had much of a chance to shine. I have yet to see the new F&F movie. Maybe they've given Elsa a juicier role this time - something that's more meaningful to the story. I guess we'll see.


Two beautiful women here. Makes it tough to pick one over the other. In the end, I gotta go with Elsa. No one is ever going to reject Gal outside of a nitpicking debate like this, but within the confines of this Face Off, Elsa just works a little bit better for me. Spiteful rebukes can now commence.

Anyway, that's what I think. Which one is your pick?


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