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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Bar Refaeli

03.21.2016by: Droz

There was a torrent of Melissa Rauch votes totally obliterating Kaley Cuoco votes in last week's Face Off. Despite casting my vote for Kaley, I'm in total agreement with this. It's the advantage you folks have over me in this thing. I'm obliged to vote by the check marks I've placed. You guys can go entirely by your own opinion. You're lucky that way.

This week sees the opening of the long awaited BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, starring the stunning Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman herself. When not portraying the quintessence of powerful Amazonian superheroes, Gal enjoys being a beautiful daughter of Israel. She's accompanied there by a delightfully abundant number of gorgeous countrywomen. Take fellow model and Israeli goddess Bar Refaeli. Together these two represent some of the finest hotties the proverbial chosen people have to offer. Which one do you choose?


A lot of people complained about how Gal didn't have sufficient bust to play Wonder Woman. Such may or may not be the case, but my concern was less about how she might fill out her super suit, and more about how angelic Gal is. Not to suggest that WW can't be beautiful, but I expect beauty with a little more severity from this character to complement her ass-kicking nature. We'll see how Gal's exceptional beauty helps or hurts her character come Friday. But for now, I'm content to think of Gal as simply one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

These two being international models of the highest caliber establishes between them a certain minimum degree of beauty. Clearly Bar is gorgeous. Always has been, probably always will be. Both these women will be stunning 80-year-olds. In this case, I'm just a little more about Gal. It's probably the blonde thing. I'm all about the brunettes. Nothing more to it than this.


Gal hasn't been quite as forthcoming with her bod as Bar has. For instance, Gal hasn't got an extensive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit back catalogue, not to mention several provocative fashion spreads wherein she poses with little to no clothing on. I'm sorry to say, she's just a tad more conservative with such things. Not to say anything against Gal's body goodness. It's just that in my opinion, Bar's body packs more bang for your buck.

← That and pics like this one say it all.


Gal has an exotic thing happening, which is probably what got her this gig as Wonder Woman. Being an exotic beauty is enough to grant her sufficient hotness for my vote. I can't get enough of such women. Gal is also a former soldier in the IDF, who does her own stunts and knows how to handle herself with a gun, which opens up a whole new level of hotness. She's more than just a pretender to badassery. She's lived it.

Bar opted out of military service, preferring a more traditional approach to hotness, which is to say she's spent years showing off her hot bod in all sorts of provocative ways. Hey, I'll take it. Where hot models go, Bar is one of the best in a highly competitive business and certainly one of the hottest models of her generation. I've got nothing but love for what she does, more specifically how well she does it.


Gal being a beauty queen and a model suits her perfectly. As for her run as an actress, well, she certainly looked good as Gisele in those FAST & FURIOUS movies, but I'm not sure anyone besides the stunt drivers can claim they did their best work in those. From the TMI trailer for BvS, Gal proved she can, at the very least, make a good entrance. We'll see how well she handles the rest. Anyway, between these two she's clearly got the most career momentum right now.

As hot as Bar is, a great deal of her popularity seemed to wane once Leo decided to trade her in on a newer model. Their break up went over about as well as a lead balloon in a lot of people's minds. Hollywood's top player dating modelling's hottest beauty felt like the new power couple in the making. But it was not to be. That's unfortunate. A hottie like her getting sidelined in life or love is a true tragedy.


There are a few women who could make me believe in angels on Earth. Gal is one of them. She's beautiful beyond any mundane, overused concept of the word. Bar is no slouch as a looker either, but then only one of them is playing Wonder Woman.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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