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Face Off: Felicity Jones vs. Rosamund Pike

02.16.2015by: Droz

Twice as many went with Katy Perry over Emily Ratajkowski in last week's Face Off. I was pretty much expecting that. As hot as Emily is, she doesn't as yet have Katy's kind of broad fanbase. A pair of sexy broads they are nonetheless.

The list of 2015 Oscar nominees have generated controversy due to a lack of racial diversity. I don't know what's behind that, if anything at all, but it has been a pretty good year for English people, who have multiple nominations among this year's list of lily white actors. That emphasis on Englishness reflects in two of this year's nominees for Best Actress - Felicity Jones for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING and Rosamund Pike for GONE GIRL. Two hottie daughters of Old Blighty angling for their first golden bald dude this year, but which celebrated British actress makes you want to lie back and think of England?


That about does it. →

These two come at their beauty in different ways. Rosamund is very much the blonde, blue-eyed angel face with a sweet demeanor and that characteristic English look about her. Felicity, on the other hand, is the adorable green-eyed brunette sweetie with the full lips concealing an adorable bunny rabbit overbite. Pretty much opposite sides of the coin where beauty is concerned. That said, I enjoy the look of them both and wouldn't care to call one any better than the other here.


This area is something of a coin toss for me where Felicity and Rosamund are concerned. While neither invades into the grotesquely thin area that I loathe, they are rather more flat in some areas than I tend to prefer. Looking over their individual bodies of body work makes me a tad more interested in what Felicity has hiding under them gloves. Still, bodies aren't exactly where I'm at with these two.

← That covers it.


Felicity is all kinds of cute. If we had a cuteness category, she'd be an instant winner there. I suspect she has some potent hotness potential as well, however I've only recently become aware of her. As for Rosamund, I've been captivated with her for well over a decade now. Give me a little more time to get to know Felicity and I'm sure she'll become just as potent a force where hotness is concerned.

Being a big fan of the English hotties in general means that they've all got a minimum amount of hotness in my eyes, thanks to that accent and the special air of sophistication being English quite often affords them. However, where English babes are concerned, there are certain individuals who I have come to see as representative of their heritage of hotness. Rosamund is one of those. I was blown away by her the first time I saw her and I have yet to get over that.


As I said before, we here in the States are only just getting an idea of what Felicity brings to the table. For a time she was mostly an English phenomenon, but I fully expect to see a lot more of her now that she's broke loose internationally and could potentially be bringing an Oscar home to England. There's also the trivial thing of headlining the first of the standalone STAR WARS movies in 2016. That should earn her a fan or two, provided it doesn't suck.

Rosamund was also something of an English only actress, until she had her big break out moment with Jimmy Bond in DIE ANOTHER DAY. While that was the shittiest of the Bronson era Bond films, she did make one hot Bond girl, helping to polish that turd somewhat. Rosamund has since had her share of hits and misses, though she's usually one of the best parts about whatever she's in. Anyway, she's never failed to impress me.


Putting two beautiful and celebrated English babes up against one another presents a difficult choice for me. For now I'm going with the one I've put more time into, but something tells me that Felicity is going to become much more popular in the months and years to come.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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