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Face Off: Felicity Jones vs. Daisy Ridley

12.12.2016by: Droz

Circumstances indicated Olivia Munn should be the winner over Minka Kelly in last week's Face Off. I'm kinda forced to go with the circumstances when I pick a winner. Ya'll can just go with your gut. My gut was with Minka too, but in this case I'd call Olivia way more than just a mere runner up.

Well, all my fellow STAR WARS fans, here we are again. Last year it was the relatively successful launch of a long dreamed of 3rd trilogy. Now we're going to find out if this franchise can stand on a one off basis with the release of the first standalone STAR WARS movie, ROGUE ONE. And just like with last year's movie, we have a petite English girl as the main protagonist. Sounds like a ready made situation for a Face Off. In many ways, Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley have plenty in common. They're both adorable brunettes of a diminutive stature. They both play unlikely heroes from disreputable parts of the galaxy. They're also both the apparent linchpins in how their movies eventually wind up. Similarities aside, chances are one of these two is the cuter STAR WARS sweetheart in your estimation. So who you got?


We got a few days until ROGUE ONE comes out, but I have little doubt Felicity will at least be just as adorable in her role as Daisy was in hers. Part of my confidence there comes from her far more substantial presence in the trailers. The rest comes from other movies we've seen her in, which reflect a woman of rare sweetness, especially in the face. Seeing her recently in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, I was totally smitten with her little overbite and expressive eyes. She puts the light in delightful.

They spent a lot of time in the teasers and trailers for THE FORCE AWAKENS letting everyone know how reminiscent it would be of the OT. That didn't leave much room to point out how Daisy factored in the story or exactly how she might fair as the mysterious outcast on a desert planet. As it turned out, she became one of the most charming and easily sympathetic characters of the whole franchise. One reason for this is her sweet face. Girl is a total cutie pie.


Apart from the slave girl bit in JEDI, STAR WARS has been rather stingy on the whole subject of fine, female bods. Therefore we have to go outside those movies to get an understanding of what's going on with these two here. We have seen bits and pieces of both Felicity and Daisy in recent years. There's a scene of Daisy playing a disrobed corpse on a UK CSI copycat show. You may have also caught Felicity almost nekkid in the above scene from the otherwise dreary-looking CHALET GIRL. Not a lot to go on, but from what I can tell, they're fairly evenly matched here. I see no reason to put one above the other.

← Keep left.


For some odd reason I find Felicity's occasional moments of hotness surprising. Not to suggest she isn't capable of being hot. It's just not the first thing to come to mind when I think of her. I'm perfectly fine with her acting skills and she's clearly one of the most adorable faces around. These things are understood. But when I see her show up in a magazine spread like the one above, or do the equivalent in a movie, it's something of an astonishment, but in a good way. This is one of the things I like most about Felicity.

Folks in the UK may have a little bit more to go on with Daisy, at least when it comes to using her roles to decide how hot she is. Most of us only have STAR WARS to go on, which was a mostly asexual performance in her case. The OT and prequels at least came with the understanding Leia and Han, as well as Anakin and Padme, were seriously horny for one another. Smoldering sex underlying things was a missing element in TFA and most of what Daisy has done thereafter. Hopefully one of Daisy's future roles will resolve this oversight.


I was pretty much on board with Felicity in her ROGUE ONE role the moment she delivered the line "It's a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel." That's the kind of defiant, "talking back to Mon Mothma" attitude you'd expect to see in a person leading a raid to uncover The Galactic Empire's most guarded secrets. I wouldn't have thought of Felicity as someone with the chops to nail a role before THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. Now I can see why they went with her. It might be a stretch to call her one of the greatest actress of her generation. She's had her share of stinkers, but she can shine in the right role. Anyway, Felicity's body of work is good enough to give her the win here.

As I said above, most of us only have TFA to go on when it comes to Daisy. This is hardly sufficient to determine her skills, or lack thereof, when it comes to acting. Fortunately for her and us, the boost Daisy received from being the new central character in a STAR WARS movie has caused her to be showered in new roles. This means there will be much more to go on here in years to come. For now, however, Felicity is my choice.


It's an interesting choice to cast two women, very similar in many ways, to consecutive leading roles in back-to-back STAR WARS movies. I don't know if they're making statements with this casting or what, but the result seems to be working out thus far. Anyway, the positive word of mouth is coming in for Felicity's movie already, but we still have a little waiting to do before we know for sure how she stacks up to Daisy. Taken as a whole, it feels like Felicity has the stronger force as an actress and a hottie, at least for now. Don't be surprised if Daisy closes the gap there real quick in years to come.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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