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Face Off: Evangeline Lilly vs. Liv Tyler

12.09.2013by: Droz

Ya'll were split right down the middle as far as Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton went in last week's Face Off. I guess they really are that similar.

This Friday sees part 2 of Peter Jackson's take on The Hobbit, THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, coming to a big screen near you. Unlike the first Hobbit movie, which was a bit of a sausage fest, this one features hottie Evangeline Lilly as elf warrior maiden Tauriel. Of course, a new Tolkien movie with a hot chick playing an elf brings to mind the last Tolkien movie with the hot chick playing an elf. I'm sure you remember Arwen from the LOTR trilogy, played by Liv Tyler. I know I do. Liv was pretty hot in those movies, but so is Evangeline in hers. Now we just got to figure out which elven actress is the best.


Evangeline has never looked bad to me. They tried pretty damn hard on Lost to make her look bad. It was always her and her marooned compatriots living on tropical beaches, in prison cells, always wet, filthy and wearing the same shit for days on end. Yet the only time when she came even a little bit close to looking less good was when she was back in the world, wearing too much make up. Just like Sawyer, I preferred those freckles uncovered.

I normally don't have a problem with Liv's looks. However, I will admit that there are times when she starts to resemble her dad a little too much. What can she do? She's got a fish-lipped father contributing half of her genes. It's a handicap to hotness that can at rare times work against her. Still, she got enough great hottie qualities from her Playboy Playmate mom to offset those patriarchal pitfalls more often than not.


Clearly Evangeline is in good shape, but that shape is not the kind I get very excited about. She's a little too straight in the waist for my tastes, a little too much masculinity in that muscle tone. She always looked great in those blue jeans and tank top on Lost, but given the choice between her killer abs or someone with more curves, I think I'm gonna have to go with curves.

There were few bodies I lusted after more back in the day than Liv's, mostly because she's bringing those curves Evangeline is lacking in. Liv has usually kept herself fit enough to stay in keeping with her glamorous movie star status. However, she's also never gone overboard with that, preferring a nice, healthy and happy medium, which is just how I like it.


Evangeline's got that tough girl thing happening in a lot of her roles, which I'm going to go ahead and assume reflects some aspect of her personality. I'm totally down with that. Given the choice between a princess and a more down-to-earth hottie, consider me the earthy type. The ladies who can hold their own with the guys and not take themselves or their sex symbol status too seriously are my favorites. Eva's not a tom boy though. Girl knows how to glam it up for a red carpet or whatever. She brings the best of all kinds of hotties.

Liv has got plenty of hottie goodness to enjoy on the outside - so much that I'd be content to leave it at that. However, let me further supplement that with one of the things I enjoy about her the most - namely how sweet she comes across. She's always got that big smile and cheery demeanor. It makes her seem approachable, amiable. I'm sick of divas and attention whores running around making themselves into spectacles. Give me human beings who also happen to be famous.


Evangeline has been mostly away from the acting scene since Lost wrapped. That's not due to any consensus of negative feeling about her or anything like that. She was merely in a state of semi-retirement following the birth of her son. However, when Peter Jackson invented her character to offset that Hobbit sausage fest problem I mentioned earlier, he knew he needed someone audiences loved to help silence some of that Tolkien fanboy rage over his break with Middle Earth canon. Enter Evangeline. Tauriel is her first significant role since Lost and no one knows if there will be another, but it's still nice to see her doing her thing on a screen again.

Liv has been around longer in the biz (almost 20 years) and has enjoyed a much more widespread fame, thanks at first to her famous parents, but then later to her own ability to charm and impress as an actress. Granted, Arwen was sort of an afterthought in the LOTR movies and Tauriel at least somewhat more substantial in the plot. Still, Liv has had many several large roles in big movies over the years, usually splitting her time between bigger and smaller films. Anyway, It's pretty clear she's got the more significant career.


As far as their Tolkien movie characters go, Eva's probably got the advantage, barring any unlikely horrid performance or shitty writing. However, I've had a thing for Liv going back decades. So she's got to be my overall choice this time around.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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