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Face Off: Evangeline Lilly vs. Elisha Cuthbert

10.29.2012by: Droz

Ya'll were like me in that you preferred Ukrainian hottie Olga Kurylenko over her hottie countrywoman Milla Jovovich by an 11 to 7 vote in last week's Face Off. I still feel kinda bad about that. Even had to go watch THE FIFTH ELEMENT again just to make it up to Milla. Still had to make the call though. Olga just packs more of the goodies I enjoy.

This week in our continuing tour of world hotties, we leave the icy conquests of former socialist empires behind and travel all the way across the Atlantic to another icy land, where the maple syrup pours almost as readily as the beer and poutine gravy. That's right folks, we're going to Canada - land of horrible weather and fantastic health care. We down here in the States tend to give Canada a hard time, though I'm not sure why. Seems like they've got their shit together better than we in the States have lately. Makes sense then that when the shit hits the fan in the US, everyone wants to go to Canada. Yet when folks start to make a name for themselves in Canada, they all want to come here. Some of the most famous people here in the States and the world are Canadians. Plenty of hotties in that pile as well, like fellow canucks Evangeline Lilly and Elisha Cuthbert.

So which Great White North hottie is your favorite, hoser? Let's see aboot it, eh?


Evangeline is by no means ugly and in the right circumstances can be quite beautiful. I guess there were just too many Lost episodes with her looking ragged and beat to convince me that she's got something over Elisha in the beauty area. Granted, that show's focus was to keep its actors looking rode hard and put away wet most of the time, so probably not the best way to evaluate Eva's looks. Still, even when all polished and perfected, I'm still partial to Elisha here.

Elisha's got a perfect mix of true beauty and sex appeal all wrapped up in her sweet face. I like how she seems capable of turning on different aspects of her beauty at will. She can be just the cutest little baby-faced hottie in the world one moment, then a drop dead sexy enchantress the next, just by changing the expression on her face. Now, normally I'd rather the brunettes stay brunettes, but I have to admit that the blonde hair works on her, unlike many who go the blonde route. So she gets a rare blondeness pass from me.


When Evangeline strips down to reveal more of her body, you'll find a somewhat mannish, tomboy look to her that does little for me. Which is weird, because on Lost she looked amazing in a set of jeans trudging through the jungle. I don't know, maybe she needs to give the workouts a rest and put on a pound or two to help her push out a few of those natural, womanly curves. Or maybe this is just how Evangeline is built. All I can say is powerful shoulders and a totally straight midsection work better on a guy than a woman.

If there is one thing you can definitely say about Elisha, it's that she's all woman. Never a moment's doubt about that when you look at her body. If I have any criticism at all for her, it's only that she doesn't show enough of it. She's come achingly close to letting the goods out in a few photo spreads, but there's always just enough covering there to both hide the goods and still keep you wanting more. Boy do I.


Well, what can I say? If they're not impressing in the beauty or body area, their hotness potential will probably be diminished as well. That's not the thing of it though. Evangeline seems like a pretty cool person and I don't really have a problem with her, apart from the mild to moderate lack of femininity in her body. Still, that's enough to put her behind Elisha here as well, I'm sad to say. Also, I'm not in the mood for a tie.

Come on, you gotta give the hotness award to the one person in the match who was hot enough to play a porn star. She played that part well too. Only actual porn stars are more convincing. Elisha's got that vibe about her that's always just a little bit naughty. She can make those sexy faces and twist herself into those provocative poses that really ramp up the hotness. It's like she's made a point of inserting a certain amount of hotness into her celebrity persona. It shows.


Gotta give one to Eva and this category is probably the thing about her that really stands out to me. I was such a Lost fan - right until the finale anyway. And "Freckles" was a big part of that. The whole love triangle thing between Kate, Sawyer and Jack was one of those aspects of the show that things kind of pivoted on. Whether the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 either fractured or came together often depended on how Kate was received by one or both of her male suitors on that show. I can see that. Of all the ladies on that initial crash scene, Kate was the most eligible. I'd probably have developed a thing for her too.

I haven't been as engrossed in a lot of Elisha's work. That might be because she went off the radar for awhile when she married her hockey player guy (a distinctly Canadian move on her part), or it might be that her roles just haven't been the sorts of things that interest me. I've seen a couple of her movies and a handful of episodes of 24 she did. Not much else of interest though, which is surprising. You'd think a hottie like Elisha would be everywhere.


Yep, I can't hide the fact that I got a thing for Elisha. She almost sweeps here, save for a few somewhat lackluster career choices. Evangeline is a fun, personable woman and when put in the right light, a fairly hot lady. There's just something missing there for me, though. Occasionally she brings the hotness, but the tomboy vibe that underlies her look just isn't my thing. Elisha's got just about everything I like in a woman, which makes her the obvious choice for me.

That's my pick. Which one is yours?
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