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Face Off: Eva Mendes vs. Rosario Dawson

04.08.2013by: Droz

No clear winner between Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan in last week's Face Off. That's understandable, considering they both personify the entire idea of losing. I suppose when you see two things crashing in flames, you're not going waste time trying to guess which one will hit ground first. You just make sure you're not underneath them when they land.

Enough of that. Let's move on to some ladies I know many of you enjoy - ladies who both happen to have new movies that just came out recently. Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson present a bit of dilemma to me, as I have a special kind of affection for both of them. They're two lovely, Latina women of an especially intense hotness. Gonna be tough to disappoint one of them, but I always do my best to avoid a tie when presented with such a difficult choice, no matter how painful it might be. Will you have a tough time deciding between Rosario and Eva? Tell us about it.


I don't think there's any denying the fact that Eva is a gorgeous woman. There's nothing happening on her face that isn't 100% pleasing to this man's eyes. If that wasn't good enough for you, tack on the fact that she's almost 40 and hasn't really changed much since she broke loose on the scene 15 years ago. You look at pictures of her from any point in her career and she looks just the same. I don't think she's even had any surgery, which is even more impressive. That's natural beauty right there, folks.

There has always been something very soothing and warm about Rosario's mug. I suspect it has to do with those big, Disney-esque eyes of hers, harkening me back to more innocent times, even as I am prompted to lust after other parts of her person. Or maybe it's those broad smiles she busts out that I really adore, especially when they come with a hearty laugh accompaniment. She even looks amazing when she's pissed, with those big eyes shooting daggers. I'd gladly take that hit.


One more area where Eva has always excelled. Beautiful, round and golden brown, she's had one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood for years. Just like her looks, it's quite impressive how she's still got her hot body going into her 4th decade, with little to no impact from father time. Nothing out of place at all on that frame. Just one more reason to be jealous of Ryan Gosling. As if we needed any more excuses for that.

Rosie's body has fluctuated over the years. She's gone from having a fairly athletic build to a thicker frame and back again a few times now. None of that has ever phased me though. She's always looked great despite whatever curves she's put on or taken off. Rosie's smart, she knows better than to go too far with either build. In addition to that, Rosie's also got two of the finest, natural boobs in Hollywood. They're magnificent.


What? Eva's not hot? That's clearly ridiculous. Eva's so hot you could pop popcorn on her ass. We're talking degrees of hotness between these two now. Weighing them both as carefully as I can, I have to concede that Rosario's temperature settings are just a smidge higher than Eva's, although not by much.

Rosie's hotness is pretty clear to anyone who has eyes. Girl certainly knows how to steam your mirrors up alright. In addition to being a cool and fun girl to hang around, I hear she's also quite a firecracker. Not one to give in to inhibitions, Rosie is. That's probably why she's had quite a few beaus over the years. They're all lined up to see how much fun Rosie really is. There's also the fact that she's okay with doing stuff like this very NSFW scene in her latest movie TRANCE. That alone is sufficient to put her over the top in the hotness category.


I've enjoyed a few of Eva's movies, like ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO or TRAINING DAY. Hell, I even kind of liked HITCH. Still, there's a lot more in there I didn't like or never bothered to see. Not to say that she's a bad actress. I'm just not as big a fan of her movie choices over the years.

Rosie's got plenty of things in her resume that didn't quite connect with me either, as is the case with most folks out there not named Daniel Day Lewis or Jennifer Lawrence. The thing about Rosie is that, even if it is a so-so movie, it's still pretty good just because she's in it. Movies like MEN IN BLACK 2 or ALEXANDER or DEATH PROOF might have been merely mediocre or worse if they hadn't had Rosie. She makes everything better.


Eva and Rosie are good friends in real life and formidable hotties in their own right. It's painful to pick a winner here, especially as there are so many great pics with the two of them together, like this one, that would do brilliantly as a tie game final pic. But, as Connor MacLeod once said, there can be only one. And my one is Rosie. She's one of those women I honest and truly would do anything to have. If there were ever such as thing as my ideal woman, she'd probably be her.

That's where I'm at. Where are you?


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