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Face Off: Emmy Rossum vs. Katharine McPhee

09.07.2015by: Droz

It was another dead heat between Alice Eve and Natalie Dormer after last week's Face Off was all said and done. I guess I need to put together a ridiculously lopsided duo that will get you guys on one side or another.

I doubt think this week's match-up will be the one to inspire a clean sweep for either side. After all, birthday girl Emmy Rossum (who turns 29 this week) and Katharine McPhee are doing fairly similar things with their time in the spotlight. They're both singers, both movie and TV stars. On that last front, they've both got their own popular shows, Shameless and Scorpion, the latter starting its second season in a few days. They're also both powerfully hot women, fond of demonstrating that fact as often as possible. Seems like it's just a matter of deciding which one does the same thing better. So, who you got?


I'm totally smitten with a number of Emmy's great features. I could make a big list of all the things I love about her. Right up at the top of that list would be her big, brown, doe eyes. I have such a terrible weakness for women with eyes like hers. They are true windows to everything she's feeling or thinking. I could lose hours and hours of time staring into eyes like those.

Katharine is one of those women you run across from time to time who really needs to be seen in motion. 2-dimensional still images just can't do her beauty justice. Her true sweetheart nature comes out strongest when she's animated. I still don't understand why or how that lack of dimensionality works against some, but it's an issue I see in her. Emmy, on the other hand, is fantastic however you can get her.


This category is a big reason why I thought these two would make for a good Face Off. As a dedicated ass man, I'm naturally pulled in by the power of Emmy's fantastic backside. It's just about perfect where asses go. Put that fine butt together with the rest of Emmy's long, lean, yet bountifully curvy body and you get one of the finer feminine packages walking around today.

Katharine's physical assets are probably 90% of the reason why I even know who she is and why I rank her so highly among the crowds of fine women in entertainment today. Like Emmy, much of that 90% comes down to her ass. Look at that thing. Look how it curves out so perfectly under that dress. It's like ripe produce on the shelf. My mouth waters just looking at her butt. I would literally worship that thing.


Emmy is almost too pretty to be as hot as she is. It's not often someone so sweet also stars on a TV show where she has dudes going down on her in some of the best sex scenes ever. I choose Emmy here not only because she is so sweet and so frequently getting down to sexy hiijinks both on her show and elsewhere, but also for the enthusiasm she shows for such undertakings. Emmy seems to get off on being a hottie. Which makes her even hotter.

Katharine is plenty hot. I've seen her make expert use of her hotness several times over the years. Sometimes she does so without even having to try. But as is usually the case here, it's all about the temperature at which two Face Off competitors reach their hotness. Emmy gets my vote on this because she takes things to a higher degree. Were Katharine getting down to the kind of stuff Emmy does on her show, I would totally tie this category up.


Emmy seems laid back and low key with her career choices. She had her flirtations with big budget blockbusters once, but nowadays a small movie every once in awhile seems to do. I recently enjoyed Emmy in COMET. Kind of a strange movie, but interesting. Even if the movie isn't so good, Emmy is usually one of the better things about it. And of course, there's Shameless, which continues to be her main claim to fame. It's a show I've usually enjoyed, with its various ups and downs. That's once again due in large part to Emmy. I think I just like to watch her, no matter what she's up to.

Katharine has a lovely singing voice. Unfortunately she chose to demonstrate that on American Idol, a show which is one of those bane of my existence things. So we we didn't get off on the right footing there. I was mildly amused by her Scorpion show, but I don't think that's targeted at me either. In fact, most of her movies and shows really aren't for me. That's not her fault. That's just how it is.


Two great hotties here, both worthy choices. But I'm going with Emmy. She's got so many of the great things I love in a woman. I could never deny her.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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