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Face Off: Emma Watson vs. Emilia Clarke

04.11.2016by: Droz

Too close to call between Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain in last week's Face Off. Bit of a role reversal there. You guys tied it up and I made a definitive choice. So much for all the bitching about me being tie game happy. Actually, you did what I wanted to do. I can't decide between them either.

This week sees Emma Watson bring her movie COLONIA to theaters. Then next week brings us the much anticipated return of Game of Thrones, starring Emilia Clarke. These two enjoy a ton of fan love for portraying beloved literary heroines, which has made them both beloved in their own rights. They're also two of the most desired English hotties of their generation. Which one do you belove and desire the most?


This is probably the area where most people have the biggest issue with Emma. It's not so much that she's ugly. Neither is she unattractive or just plain, which are all words used against her. I don't think any of those apply. She's just not the typical beauty. She's doing her own thing, something I can appreciate over the same old, same old. But doing her own thing does sometimes backfire, resulting in that maligned tomboy thing we've discussed here before. You just gotta catch her at the right time I guess.

It remains perplexing to me how different my impressions of Emilia come. When in her real life livery, Emilia is an adorable little goofball, more sweet than stunning with her big smiles. But then she puts on that platinum blonde wig and turns all serious for GoT, which transforms her into one of the most sex-charged women who ever lived. Rarely has any character in anything given me more sinful notions than the look of Emilia as Khaleesi. I don't know why this happens and I don't care. It's just one of those things.


Though Emma has yet to get her clothes off in any real or significant way, I am nonetheless certain, were she to do so, the result would be spectacular. Just check her out in something tight to understand the quality of Emma's goodies. She's inching closer to a disrobing moment. Rumors seem to fly every time a new Emma movie comes out, about her doing some nude scene. When/if this happens, the results are certain to set the interwebs ablaze with excitement and the friction from a million furious fapfests by Potter fans. This lack of nudity is the only reason she gets dechecked here today.

One of the more disappointing things in recent hottie history was when Emilia put a moratorium on nude scenes. Such a shame, because she was so good at them. The promise of more views of her ass emerging from a tub was one of the main reasons I watched GoT every week. Her little squat frame with a curve to it is just about the perfect approximation of everything I could ever want in a fine female's body. Shame it's only a series of revolving Hollywood douches who get to see this awesome body now.


My general lack of experience with much of Emma's post-Potter gigs may be working against me here. However, despite a few noteworthy and highly publicized moments of sexuality in her films, I still think of Emma as somewhat sexually muted. In her private life things may be different. However, as an actress and a celebrity, she seems a little reticent to indulge in this aspect of her personality. Too bad. As a person who never connected with her childhood fame beginnings, I could easily get used to a sexualized Emma.

While Emilia's GoT alter ego has gradually switched from a sex machine to a austere, socialistic monarch, the actual Emilia has made something of a sex symbol of herself in many a magazine and red carpet show off moment. It's rather strange how someone on her show, which frequently comes with as much sex as late night Skinemax, should be a bigger sex symbol away from the show, but there it is. Just check out some of her recent magazine spreads for confirmation.


The day is gonna come when her Potter alumni status will no longer serve Emma where career goes. Being attached to those movies didn't sit well with her, which is why you haven't seen Emma star in any subsequent mega franchise movies. Instead, she tends to go for the smaller indie movie roles. Although she's stepped halfway back to big budget movie making as Belle in Disney's latest live action fairy tale movie, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Might be a good move for Emma. I understand why all the craziness of high profile movies is a pain, but if she wants to remain relevant as an actress, she might just have to grin and bear it.

Emilia dipped her toe into big budget movies with the new TERMINATOR movie. Didn't go too well for her, unfortunately. Hopefully they just let those movies die the undignified death they've been crying out for over the last 15 years or so. In the wake of that disaster, Emilia looks to be going with more modest movies. Of course, she's still very much at the center of excitement for Game of Thrones. This should continue until the show wraps a few years from now. By that time, Emilia will surely have secured her place as one of the most beloved TV hotties of all time.


Hermoine will forever endear Emma to Potter fans. Fair enough. Daenery's does the same thing for me with Emilia. To each their own on that one. Like The Beatles and Elvis, you can like them both, but you like one more than the other. My choice is clear.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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