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Face Off: Emma Stone vs. Alison Brie

02.03.2014by: Droz

An overwhelming number of you gave Alexandra Daddario's big reveal the win over Angelina Jolie's in last week's Face Off. I suppose. As some of you said, Angelina's scenes were much more lengthy and varied. Though Alexandra was looking GOOD in hers. I think it all comes down to the novelty of the thing. Alexandra's naked ass is new and exciting, whereas Angelina's is well covered territory. That might not be very fair, but then again few things are.

Opening this week is the much anticipated THE LEGO MOVIE, featuring the voice of the lovely Alison Brie. She makes a good prospect for one half of a Face Off. I really hate lopsided comparisons though, so for the other half we need someone equally entertaining, beautiful and beloved by many. Enter Emma Stone, who I think fits those parameters nicely. Seems like a pretty even match to me. So which of these two cute, hot and funny ladies do you prefer?


Tough one here. I like the look of both these ladies - I always have. Emma wins by the virtue of those beautiful eyes and that red hair especially. Even if she is going with her natural blonde for the Gwen Stacy role, we all know, and I suspect even Emma knows, how best she comes across. Which is why I hope they get around to killing off Gwen pretty soon in this rebooted reboot of a franchise. We need permanent redhead Emma back.

Alison is as cute as a button and as beautiful a woman as any I've seen before. I don't know why exactly, but between the two of these women, I'm a little more in Emma's corner. Something about those eyes. That's a big deal with me. It's a real, real close one here though.


I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with Emma's body. We've seen a few good enough shots of her over the years to know that she's plenty desirable in that way. Emma isn't big on showing it off though, at least not to the degree that Alison is. I wont give her any shit for that. She has plenty of good things about her besides that. I still got to vote for Alison here. That's just how it's got to be.

Speaking of the rest of Alison...whoa. She is something special alright. If you've watched any of Community and her frequent overflowing cleavage moments, you know that by now. It's just a shame no one has figured out a way to get her to go from cleavage to full on titty displays. What's the hold up, people? Guys have been tucking back hard-ons over Alison for years now. And it doesn't look like she's got too big a problem bringing the hotness. Somebody better get on the ball with this. Or in this case, get on the boobs.


I've got a special kind of love for the ladies with a specialty in making us laugh. Emma has proven her capacity for that more times than I can remember. Tack on the fact that she's as beautiful as she is and you have a direct route to my heart. Honestly though, if she wasn't so beautiful or well built, I'd still fancy her. For me, personality and presence are just as vital an ingredient as anything else. Emma's got all of that in bulk.

Alison can't deny that cuter than cute face, but she occasionally enjoys hiding her hotness under dowdy clothes. Weird as it sounds, I kind of like it when she does that. I find that plain allure she's rocking on Community even hotter than her various sex-charged magazine spreads and whatnot. That's the sexy librarian effect. She might look sedate on the surface, but there's a wealth of sexy just waiting under those sweaters and knee length skirts.


Emma seems to be doing pretty well in life and her career. She's got Spider-Man, both on and off the screen. She's fantastic in pretty much every role she's ever had and everyone loves her. If you want a great example of what success in one's field looks like, look no further than Emma.

Is that an awesome picture or what? I'd have been down with that casting. Screw the pissy fanboys. Unfortunately Alison hasn't scored a comic book franchise yet. She doesn't seem to get too many movies at all for some silly reason. Her primary claim to fame continues to be Community and a handful of virtual cameos on Mad Men. Those are great shows, but you'd think she'd be all over the comedy scene, just like so many of her fellow cute and funny contemporaries. Sucks that those things haven't quite happened yet. The world could use more widespread Alison.


Hard to make a call between two such similar hotties. My fondness for the redheads (when she is one) and Emma's more prosperous career helps make the call. Yet in any real world scenario, I'd gladly have either one.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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