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Face Off: Emily Ratajkowski vs. Nina Agdal

11.18.2013by: Droz

In the battle of the baldheaded geek hotties, it was a clear win for Natalie Portman over Karen Gillan. Yeah, I love both those girls, but Natalie definitely has the advantage without hair. Now let that hair grow out and you've got a whole different ballgame these two.

Models, models, models. In this job, you see all kinds of models. There are so many I sometimes lose track of them all. Thankfully there are always a few stand outs. Those are usually the ones who have some special quality that sets them apart. Perhaps that quality is a unique look, or a particularly well put together body, or a penchant for frequent nudity. Both Emily Ratajkowski and Nina Agdal have all 3 of those characteristics in common. They've also both had a stand out year, which makes picking a winner between two such gifted and popular new models an interesting dilemma. Let's see if we can resolve it.


If I had to apply a word to Emily's looks, which I do, I'd have to pick "sensual" over anything else. With those full lips and dark eyes, she's got a powerful sexual presence about her beauty that's undeniable. She's not what I would call captivating or stunning, at least when compared to Nina. In fact, I'd say Emily's beauty is probably my least favorite thing about her. That might sound mean, but it's actually a veiled complement for everything else happening on her.

Despite being Dutch, Nina has a very American girl next door quality about her. Not to suggest that she's average in that sense. Nina is very much in her own category thanks to a certain charm she has about her. She likes to smile and be bright and upbeat in many of her photo spreads. I like that. You don't see it very often anymore. It just one more thing to help me overlook her blondeness and penchant for relationships with annoying lead singers in shitty bands. As long as I can look at her, I'm good.


I can't make a call on this one. Both these ladies' bodies are insane, as expected from those desiring to be models. They both look great in anything, be it clothes, bikinis or nothing at all. Speaking of wearing nothing at all, these ladies also like to show up in the buff in quite a lot and it goes without saying that doing so is quite a thing to see when it's these two. That makes it even harder to pick a winner for me. So I'm not going to. I'd be deliriously happy to have access to either of these two bodies.

← See this.

These two have a potent hotness about them which they evoke in different ways. Emily brings it via that sultry attitude of hers. The sexual energy seems to ooze from her pores. It's a good thing that her hotness is so effectively transmitted through the camera lens, as it's given her an impressive track record of photo spreads within a relatively short amount of time. Add to that her curvaceous body and provocative gaze and you've got one powerful hot package.

It might be silly to say that Nina is the good girl to Emily's bad girl, but that's kind of how it feels between these two. That's not a negative thing though. There's just as much hotness to the good girl taking it off as there is with the bad girl. The thing I find particularly hot about Nina is the joy and carefree attitude she has in her work. It's kind of hot when ladies like Nina have no qualms about running around, showing off what nature has given them.


Emily's starting to get some love in her field. She's certainly beloved by the readers of Esquire, who just voted her their Woman of the Year. However, I think most people still know her as the topless hottie from the Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video. Sounds like dubious honors to me, but I don't think things will stay that way. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see her alongside Nina in a Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue real soon. In fact, I'd call Emily's inclusion in that mag and any other big time modelling gig a no-brainer. Just look at her. They'd be crazy not to want her.

Nina is a real contender for SI covergirl status in 2014. That is unless they're planning on doing another Kate Upton cover. Nina's earned it by this point I think, having shown up Kate in a couple of swimsuit issues now. She's already doing covers for other magazines like Esquire and Harper's Bazaar. She's modelling everything from fine fashions to fish sandwiches. She's also dating rock stars and going to proms with cheeky high school kids. Nina might not be a household name yet, but she's got her eyes set on it.


For models this hot, determining a winner comes down to minute quibbles - quibbles which stack up a little higher in Nina's column for me. That's pretty much nonsense though. Being models, there's very little cause to fault either of them, at least as far as these 4 categories go.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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