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Face Off: Emily Ratajkowski vs. Gigi Hadid

12.21.2015by: Droz

My favorite hottie STAR WARS fan in last week's Face Off was Emma Stone. Ya'll were more about Anna Kendrick. I'm content with anyone's estimation on those two. I don't find either one to be wildly superior to the other there, so any choice makes sense to me.

We've been reviewing the major events of the year where hotties are concerned, in anticipation of our year's end best of lists. In some ways nothing much has changed from 2014 to 2015. Everyone still puts pretty much the same collection of fine women at the forefront of things. One place where there has been a noteworthy shift in attention is with models - namely the models everyone seems to be talking about. Last year we were still drooling over Emily Ratajkowski and her bangable everything. 2015 seems to have been all about Gigi Hadid and her similarly doable proportions. Makes sense, as they are doing kind of the same thing with their fame. Which of these models of the moment looks better to you?


For some time I've been sitting on a fence with Emily's looks. Is she pretty or not? I don't know if I'm ever going to reach a definitive conclusion on that. The best I can come up with is that she's okay here. Maybe a little awkward in some ways, but not so much as to become unattractive. For the purposes I find Emily most useful for, namely T&A eye candy, that mug of hers works just fine.

Let's face it - neither of these two qualifies as a traditional beauty. That might turn some folks off, but I'm actually okay with that. Nothing more boring than hotties who look identical. Like Emily, Gigi is doing her own thing here. There are times when I'm of two minds about her looks as well. I suppose that comes with the territory where unusual looks go. But again, she works well enough here for what I find her useful for.


It's pretty clear that this category is where these two make their bones as global icons of sex appeal. Emily's body is one of the more stunning displays of raw sex in motion I've ever seen. From every angle, on every level, this girl comes across as someone seemingly tailor made to suit the desires those obsessed with the female form.

There's nothing wrong with Gigi's body. In fact, with a bod like that, I can see why she became a model. In a contest between two hot bodies, I pick a winner by selecting the one that inspires me more in that special way only a beautiful woman's body can. In this case, that's Emily. No question.


Isn't Emily the girl from the Blurred Lines video who's full frontal nudity pics are regularly shuffled around the web? Yeah, that's all I need to say on that here.

←Can't argue with that.


Emily recently made some attempts at branching out into acting, with mixed results (her movie WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS had one of the worst openings ever, though not necessarily due to Emily's involvement). I wont say that Emily's success has been what I would consider hard work, or harder work then Gigi's anyway. How hard is it to get dressed up pretty and have people take pictures? Not as hard as digging ditches, that's for sure. However, it does seem that Emily had to pay at least some dues to get where she is. That sounds like the better career to me.

If there's one thing that bugs me about Gigi, it's the background she comes from. While there's no direct confirmation that her billionaire daddy had anything to do with her rise to modelling success, I'm sure having him around didn't hurt. Like many folks nowadays, I have a problem with trust fund babies. That gives Gigi a Kardashian vibe, which taints my impression of someone who would have otherwise been just a really hot model.


That's one damn fine woman right there. Gigi's not bad either, but Emily will go down as one of the most potent examples of raw female sexuality I've ever seen. Hard to top someone like that.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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