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Face Off: Emily Kinney vs. Rose McIver

09.21.2015by: Droz

Emily Blunt took a pretty solid win over Yvonne Strahovski in last week's Face Off. That was surprising. I was expecting that one to split fairly even between them. Clearly I underestimated the staggering drawing power of Emily.

The big news for The Walking Dead fans in the last couple weeks was the adorably hot yet sadly demised Beth, aka Emily Kinney, losing her clothes on her new show Masters of Sex. She joins an illustrious group of hot actresses who routinely get their kit off on that show, among them the equally cute and tiny Rose McIver of iZombie fame. Two petite little hotties running around in the nude? That's clearly the mark of a great show. Which of these two lovely and libidinous little lilliputian lasses do you love the most?


There's hardly any doubt about Emily's cuteness. It's a fact literally written all over her face. Yet for me, Emily delves a little too far into cuteness for me. There's a reason why she so adeptly played the little sister role on TWD. Despite the fact that she's in her 30s now, she still looks the little sister part. I'm more inclined to defend her from lecherous assholes than be transformed into one by the sight of her.

Normally I'm not moved by the square-jawed women like Rose. It's a feature better suited to a man than a woman. I give Rose an exception there. Sure, she's got the jawline, but she makes it work with a beautiful pair of eyes and soft features that effectively counteract that squareness and even makes it work. I wouldn't change a thing about her face.


Being a tiny little thing usually forbids the kind of voluptuousness that's my usual forte in this category. Emily's wee nature was obvious from the start, but now that she's given us a glimpse of what's happening under those clothes, it's even more clear that she's the epitome of petite. Not much of a call for support garments on her. She does have a sweet little ass, but I think Rose is a better all around example of small body hotness.

Yeah, I got a thing for the round, filled out women. A close second there is a body like Rose's. Sure she's small, but she's also all woman. No mistaking that. Besides, humongous naughty bits on her just wouldn't look right. Everything about her bod is just right for her frame. Nothing absurdly big or out of place. All in just the right proportions.


I come back to where I was with beauty on this one. My standard response to Emily is "awww." She's just so adorable. And that's fine. I like adorable. It's not quite the same as hot though. I suppose I'm just not used to the idea of a naked Emily gettin' it on. I'm still picturing Beth, the angel face with the equally angelic voice. She should definitely keep working on that though. I'd be happy to change my mind here.

I don't have the same issues of predominant cuteness with Rose. In fact, it was on Masters of Sex where I first became aware of Rose in a meaningful way, namely letting some lucky guy lick booze off her tits. That was quite an introduction. Sine then she's only gotten hotter. Nowadays I count her as one of my favorite relatively new hottie finds. Some have even gone so far as to say that she's at her hottest as a zombie. As gross as that sounds, I can't argue with them.


Both these girls have major zombie show cred, though I consider Emily's zombie experience the more pure expression of the genre. Since exiting TWD, Emily has parlayed her time there into roles on other great shows. In addition to the acting stuff, Emily also has one of the sweetest voices I've ever heard. It's crazy, but I think that sweet voice of hers might be the bigger draw for me than her new get naked rep. That sounds wrong, but it's kinda true. I do love me a really talented songbird like her.

Much of Rose's first forays into acting work were exclusive to her native New Zealand. But like so many actors from down that way, she transitioned quickly and effectively to popular success on American shows. Now she's the lead on her iZombie show and all signs point to great things in store for her in the near future. Hard to argue against that kind of positive forward momentum.


I consider it a triumphal moment when any hottie I appreciate gets naked. Even better when it's two cuties like Emily and Rose. Cute is great, but I prefer my cute with equal parts hot. That mix is best represented by Rose at this point, but Emily should certainly endeavor to equalize things there. She has great potential.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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