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Face Off: Emily Deschanel vs. Zooey Deschanel

04.16.2012by: Droz
The last Face Off saw Alyson Hannigan getting the vote for hottest AMERICAN PIE hottie over Shannon Elizabeth by a 10 to 4 vote. Alyson is a cutey, though Shannon is pretty hot. Tough choice.

One thing we haven't done yet on the Face Off is compare family members - in this case, sisters. Most people have, at one time or another, looked at a pair of sisters and contemplated which was the hotter sibling. Today we've got two especially hot ladies who just happen to be sisters - Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel. Both are talented, successful, beloved ladies doing their own thing with their careers. Still, one sister has to stand out, right? Well, let's find out.


Emily and Zooey are like two sides of the same coin for me as far as their looks go, yet I enjoy them equally. They both have certain features in common, which makes sense as they come from the same womb. Still, they're distinct enough to be their own people. Emily's features are very confident, with that squared jawline and expressive, bedroom eyes. She exudes a sensual, smouldering vibe like that of a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I love that.

Zooey's face is very much in line with her personality, namely bright and pleasant. She's got those big, blue eyes with the Disney-like ability to soothe. Her expressions readily communicate so much of herself at any given moment. I like that about her. No stone faces on her. She couldn't hide anything from you, even if she wanted to. The state of her mood is all spelled out right there on her face.


Emily's body is a bit more my speed. She's more filled out in a lot of areas than her sister - taller more curvaceous. Plus, she does a terrific Wonder Woman. Anybody who can sufficiently fill out a WW costume and then go fight crime, wins the prize every time.

There's nothing really wrong with Zooey in this area. She's plenty hot body wise and doesn't really have any obvious drawbacks. Looking at her from the perspective of my ideal body type, I'd have to say that she's a bit skinnier, less filled out than her sister. She's certainly no where near anorexic, but between the two of them, judging strictly by their bodies, Emily would be the one I'd go for.


Emily seems to be the more self assured and expressive person of the two sisters. I don't honestly know as much about her as her sister, as Emily seems less inclined toward a lot of the usual "get to know you" interview stuff that comes with being a celebrity. Watching and reading the interviews she has done, I get the feeling she's much more down to Earth than her sister. That's not a bad thing necessarily. Given the choice, I'm more drawn to Zooey's offbeat sensibilities.

On the other side of the spectrum you have Zooey, who exudes the more offbeat, Bohemian vibe we've all come to love. She's also got a vulnerability about her and even a smidgen of awkwardness. That goes to create a funky, fun-loving person, who's probably also somewhat shy and easy going. I can't see her getting in people's faces or being cruel and unforgiving. From everything I've seen about her, she seems like a fun person to just hang out with and do whatever. No pressure, no hassle. Who wouldn't enjoy that kind of person?


They're both talented ladies, but I've only seen Emily on her TV show and a few movies. Not that that suggests she's untalented. Considering the fact that she's the lead actor on a show running into it's 7th season on Fox (a network notorious for axing shows at the drop of a hat), which proves she's clearly got the chops for this acting thing. If anything, it's her sister's rather broad array of artistic accomplishments that gives Emily the silver medal here.

Let's see now - Zooey started out as a movie star. Then she got into the whole song writing and performing business in her duo She and Him. Then it was on to TV with her show New Girl. Not to mention all the modelling in various magazines and whatnot. That's quite an impressive array of talents. What's also impressive is that she's a success at all of them. Not too shabby.


I went back and forth on this one. I find it quite difficult to chose between the two, as I enjoy them both fairly equally. I like the look of them both, they're both great people, and both have very accomplished careers. Initially I had Emily in the top spot, but then I decided I liked Zooey a bit more in a crucial area. Then I had them tied, which I try to avoid when I can as it feels like a cop out. Tough call all around. In any real world scenario I'd be thrilled to have either one, but for the purposes of this article, I'm going to give it to Zooey, who I've not only adored longer, but am also somewhat more inclined toward as a person.

Yeah, not the most decisive way to pick a winner, that's for sure. Still, someone's got to be the runner-up. As much as I'd like, I can't make them all ties.

You've heard my opinion. What's yours?
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