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Face Off: Emily Browning vs. Elizabeth Olsen

02.24.2014by: Droz

More of you thought Saoirse Ronan deserved the win than Dakota Fanning in last week's Face Off. I can't argue with that. They're both beautiful, but Saoirse seems like the real juggernaut of the two as far as career goes. We're going to see a lot more of her in years to come.

There was a fair amount of hype leading up to the opening of the historical disaster epic POMPEII last week, starring the lovely Emily Browning. Not as much hype for another movie that also premiered last week called IN SECRET, starring Elizabeth Olsen. Two very different movies for sure, both featuring two hotties with a lot in common. Perfect Face Off material. So which of these two fine young hotties do you like the bestest. Take your stand on the matter below.


Fascinating how the Olsen daughters all seem to have the same face. One could be forgiven for mistaking Elizabeth as an elusive 3rd twin. Of course, we know she's actually the younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley and, in my opinion, the prettiest of the 3 siblings. There's something very satisfying in the way her beautiful features come together, my favorite being those big green eyes and full lips - stunning.

Look, I got to break it to you guys - baby faces are in. There's just no getting past it. It's where things seem to be going as far as female beauty standards go. And apparently the longer you can hold onto your adolescent appearance, the better. I wont penalize Emily for still looking like her former child star self halfway into her 20s. Young face or not, she is a beautiful woman, there's no denying that. In fact, her's is one of my favorite faces in Hollywood. She's quite disarming.


Elizabeth is sporting a beautiful body. If you've seen any of her nude scenes in movies like OLDBOY or MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, you are well aware of that. In fact, I'd say her features are just about perfect and sufficient to please anyone's tastes in the female body. She's not too skinny, not too voluptuous - just the perfect porridge right there. I'd love to dig into some of that.

Normally I'm not partial to women as tiny as Emily. However, in her case I do have to make an exception. She has what I would call a very classical body in the 15th century Renaissance aspect of the word. With that flawless, porcelain skin and subtle curves, hers is the kind of body you might see standing in for that of angels and nymphs and goddesses in priceless works of art by the great masters. And who am I to argue with those guys?


In this area I think of Elizabeth and Emily in similar terms. I came up knowing what to expect from celeb hotties. There were some who just reeked of sexuality and were constantly getting naked and pretending to bang on screen. Then there were others of a more demure composure, who never did that stuff. Nowadays, that's all changed. Hotties like Elizabeth and Emily don't seem like the type to have the sort of intense sex scenes that they've had. Off screen, they both have that modest quality, but when the cameras are rolling, they're both are down for the so-called "frank depictions of sexuality." It's almost as though we're seeing something we shouldn't. I don't know about you, but I find such a deviation from expected norms quite stimulating.

← That.


Both Elizabeth and Emily have spent their time in the indie scene. Now it looks like Elizabeth is making a play for the big time. She's got the upcoming GODZILLA remake happening soon and is currently filming the much anticipated AVENGERS sequel, playing Scarlet Witch. With comics movies and remakes being the big tickets in Hollywood right now, I'd say that puts Elizabeth in a good position for greatness. She's certainly got the chops to make a big splash in the mainstream. I hope she does.

Emily has made a play or two for big league success as an actress, but unfortunately overkill odes to geekdom like SUCKER PUNCH and miserable CGI snoozefests like POMPEII don't seem to be working out too well. She's done a lot of indie stuff of various quality, but she's still in need of a decent role that can truly show off whatever acting ability she has. Absent such a role, it's difficult to judge her skills. She has never looked bad in anything I've seen her in, I can say that much. That being said, I think Elizabeth outranks her here.


I'm a big fan of both these ladies and find them equally alluring. However, Elizabeth's fast track in the career category gives her my overall vote.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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