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Face Off: Emily Blunt vs. Yvonne Strahovski

09.14.2015by: Droz

Emmy Rossum proved to be a formidable foe for Katharine McPhee in last week's Face Off. Emmy is a tough one to beat, though not very difficult to beat off to.

This week we got Emily Blunt fighting narcos on the US border in SICARIO. Sounds like a real feel good kinda movie. Stopping drug gangs is one thing, but the real dilemma is who can successfully battle Emily in a Face Off. Enter Yvonne Strahovski. She's got more than enough in good looks and positive reputation among hottie fans to stand toe to toe with Emily. The challenge, as usual, is picking one of them. Let's see what we can do there. Can you pick just one?


Emily's got a smokey, sultry look about her. It comes from the dark hair and her bedroom eyes. They're suggestive of lurking passion just beneath the surface in her. Doesn't really matter if she isn't consumed with intensity of desire and lust. She could be pissed off at the paps lurking around her or pleasantly amused by the goings on at some premiere. She's still gonna have that come hither look about her. It's just how she is.

Tough one here, as Yvonne also has that "always on" sexy face thing happening, which adds the same great dimension to her beauty that it does with Emily. This one comes down to personal preference for me. I like Emily's brunette hair more than Yvonne's blonde, but beyond that there's also an intangible something about Emily that just does it for me here. It's always such a treat to see her face.


Emily gets no complaints from me here. Just as with the beauty category above, it comes down to a number of factors. Maybe Emily hasn't been quite as forthcoming with imagery of her bod lately. Not as much as Yvonne anyway. It could be Yvonne is just a little more filled out. Or I could be flipping a coin on this. I suspect it's the latter. A few years ago I might have done a 180 here, but today it feels like I should go with Yvonne. Don't ask me why.



I already mentioned that sultry quality of Emily's looks, not to mention everything else she's got happening in a purely visual sense. That's all great, but there's more to her than just the visual delights. She's also English, which in her case is all about class. And not just because of the accent. It's the way Emily carries herself. She's regal in her hotness. I feel like I should want to bow before her.

If there's any ethnicity to rival Englishness for hotness, it's Yvonne's Australian roots. Don't forget her provocative magazine spreads and barely covered on screen moments, and her skills at playing a literal femme fatale. Her turns as deadly assassins or seductive black widows are probably the very worst choice any guy could ever make in a woman, but Yvonne made me believe I could chance it with her anyway. Death isn't as bad as missing out on Yvonne.


It feels like Emily has been around a lot longer than she has. I suppose she's just become an institution for me in the decade or so she's been on the scene. Like Yvonne, there's always a certain minimal amount of entertainment value in an Emily role, thanks to her remarkable visual appeal. Just think about her small yet memorable appearance in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. It just so happens that Emily is also a good actress, which is why she's getting the big and/or important movies like SICARIO now. I don't see that changing any time soon.

I usually enjoy Yvonne's time on screen. It would be hard not to just on visual appeal alone, though she is a decent actress who shines particularly bright when she's given a chance to chew up the screen a little. That said, I believe Emily's major movie star status outranks Yvonne at this point. I'd love to see Yvonne become attached to one of those high quality cable shows they're churning out now. Some really well done TV vehicle would be just what the doctor ordered for her career.


Both these women deserve all the praise one can muster. And while it doesn't feel right to side with either one, I think I'm leaning a little more toward Emily on this one. Right or wrong, I can't deny the power those eyes have over me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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