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Face Off: Emily Blunt vs. Kate Beckinsale

06.02.2014by: Droz

An overwhelming number of you thought Charlize Theron was the better hottie compared to Amanda Seyfried in our last Face Off. I can't argue with that. It's just good to see hotties from my generation are still able to hold their own against all these up and coming hotshots.

Our next big summer movie hits this Friday in the way of yet another Tom Cruise sci-fi mind bender, EDGE OF TOMORROW. The movie also stars the delectable Emily Blunt as Tom's butt-kicking cohort. Trying to think of someone to compare to Emily is a tough one. Not many on her level in an all around sense. The one who comes to mind first and foremost is Kate Beckinsale. Let's go down the list - they're both actresses, both English, both brunettes, both beloved by millions and, perhaps most importantly, both scorching hot. So they're essentially alike. How do you choose between two such ravishing beauties similar in so many ways? We're gonna do our best.


There are lots of things to admire about Emily's beauty. You can take your pick there. My favorite are her eyes. She's yet another beauty who can hypnotize with her eyes. Actually it's her natural bedroom eyes that fascinate me. Emily's got the eyes that always make her look like she's coming on to you. That makes it easy for anyone to get something out of her beauty.

These days it's a foregone conclusion that Kate is a total knockout hottie of the highest order. It wasn't always that way though. Back in the day I didn't think much of Kate. She was pretty, but not a stunner. Apparently she just needed a little time to age, sort of like a fine wine. Nowadays, there are few faces I'm more content to gaze at adoringly than Kate's.


The impressive thing about these two is that they have just about the same body. You can go down the list, looking at all the various hot spots on the female body. Compare shape and proportions and pretty much every other factor and you'll find there is very little distinguishing one from the other. They could be sisters in that regard. They kind of are, actually. Call them T&A twins.

← That.


Seems like Emily is a little less inclined to show herself off, at least most of the time. Unlike Kate, she doesn't seem too concerned with getting attention from the masses. Not that I have any criticism of that. It might not be as entertaining for us onlookers, but it's worthy of respect. Anyway, Emily is content to let her hotness be inherent rather than explicitly demonstrated. That works for me.

Kate is a little more of a show off in this area than Emily. There's hardly a movie featuring Kate that doesn't go out of its way to portray her as the incredible hottie she is at every given moment. It's also not unusual to see her just walking around on the street looking like the hottest thing you ever saw. The woman essentially spends her life living up to every last ounce of her hottie potential. Bless her for that.


In terms of quantity of work, Emily is a little lighter than Kate. However, I personally have enjoyed a larger number of Emily's films and whatnot compared to Kate. That's obviously a personal preference situation. As is my preference for Emily as an actress. I think she's got better range and can play many different types of roles. Sounds like a winner to me.

Kate's a decent actress and there have been a few films she's done that I enjoyed. And lots more I wasn't so interested in. What can I say, the whole vampire thing has never been for me. Nor have rom-coms, click flicks or shitty remakes. All those are fairly widespread in her resume. I do like the fact that she's in movies, as well as the look of her and sometimes even her performances. It's more about the quality of the productions for me. Were they better, I'd be willing to tie these two up here as well.


Once again it comes down to the work. Where looks and body and hotness are concerned, I'm just about even on these two. However, I like Emily's run as an actress more. So there you go.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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