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Face Off: Emily Blunt vs. Eva Green

12.30.2013by: Droz

Well here we are again, on the cusp of yet another new year. And just like with most other years in recent memory, 2014 promises to deliver a ton of new movies, more than a few of which feature some of our favorite hotties. Difficult to select just two from all the fine ladies with films coming out soon, but we'll give it a shot. The pair of contestants we bring this week both have a couple of heavily anticipated flicks heading to your cineplex in the months ahead. Eva Green has the next bloody chapter in the 300 story, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, coming out in March. While Emily Blunt has her sci-fi, time-shifting, alien invasion epic EDGE OF TOMORROW set to debut in June. These look like two really fun popcorn movies, which more importantly feature hotties of the highest quality. Now you gotta choose which of these two fine women you're more excited to see do their thing in 2014. Make your New Year's hottie resolutions below.


The word "sweet" is the first to come to mind when I look at Emily. She's just...very sweet, both in many of her films and as a person. That alone brings a certain beauty all its own, but then you add in the fact that she's a stone cold fox and you have an extremely potent combination. Girl just gives me all kinds of warm and tingly feelings when I see her.

Sweetness isn't the correct word to describe the quality of Eva's beauty. She's more salty, at least in the provocative and stimulating sense of the word. She's the dark one, full of intense sexuality, peering into your soul like a wild animal ready to strike. She looks like she'd just tear you up leave nothing behind but a pile of bruised and battered flesh. In that way she kind of scares me, but I like that just as much as the warm tinglies.


Emily has had some different things going on with her body over the years, going from relatively normal in shape to super fit and then back and forth between those two as the circumstances call for it. Normally I wouldn't be as inclined toward such a build, as I like 'em a little softer. I can't argue with how her butt looks in that tight-in-the-ass workout gear she enjoys wearing just about everywhere she goes. Even in her current preggo state, she still looks great in that shit.

Eva's got the bigger and rounder aspects of the female body that I've come to appreciate so much over the years. That's not to suggest that she's necessarily large, or dare I say, fat. She's merely got ample amounts of all the best parts of the female body, all attached to a thin and fit woman's body. And I'm totally okay with that in every way.


Beautiful, built and sweet - that's a powerful trifecta. Put like a big cherry on top of that the fact that Emily is English and you've pretty much ended the discussion over whether or not I find her hot. It's not like any doubt about that topic has ever been raised anyway.

I can't even begin to count all of Eva's hotness qualities. There are those eyes, of course. Call me weird, but I think I'd put the sultry expressiveness of her peepers at the top of a long list of her hottest qualities. She's also French, which is just as good as being English. Attitude is another great thing with her. I love how confident she seems about herself and her intense demeanor. To sum it up, she's got the goods to get anyone hot. I like.


I'm cautiously optimistic about Emily and Tom Cruise doing the time loop thing against invading aliens in EDGE OF TOMORROW. She seems to be playing a badass type in that one, which she's already proven she knows how to do in movies like LOOPER. She can also be funny, romantic, cute, bitchy, slutty and everything else. That's all good, but I'm still fond of Emily doing the dress shirt and panties thing from CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. Still some of her finest work right there.

Frankly, if Eva's only movie was her first movie, DREAMERS, she'd still be one of my favorites. That's mostly for her exquisite nude and sex scenes in that one. Thankfully she went and upped the ante by being the best Bond girl ever in CASINO ROYALE. Now she's bringing the 2014 twofer with both the 300 prequel/sequel and the SIN CITY prequel/sequel. Just like with Emily in TOMORROW, Eva seems to be equally resolved to make movies that mess with the normal flow of time. She can mess with whatever she likes as far as I'm concerned.


I can't choose between these two. The goodies they bring to the table are equally delicious and I routinely feast at both their banquets. We should all be so lucky to dig in to them.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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