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Face Off: Emilia Clarke vs. Lauren Cohan

10.21.2013by: Droz

More folks were interested in petting pretty kitty Kat Dennings over her competition Elizabeth Gillies in last week's Face Off. I agree that Kat is ripe for petting, but I'd hate to leave Elizabeth neglected. As with most anything that pertains to multiple hotties, the more the better.

Just like seasons in the real world have changed, we're also experiencing that recurring cycle of endings and beginnings on TV. The last few months have seen a ton of shows end their run, some for just a season and some forever. Still, we can always take comfort in the fact that there's new stuff coming around. We've got a new season of The Walking Dead happening now, staring the lovely Lauren Cohan. Pretty soon that will be done and we'll be looking forward to a new season of Game of Thrones starring the also beautiful Emilia Clarke. These hotties star in incredibly popular cable shows where cinematic qualities, ample bloodshed and armies of the undead threatening to take over the world are the norm. They are also both unbelievably hot brunettes who also just happen to be British actresses playing killer bad-asses on American shows. It's no wonder they're as popular as they are, but which cable drama babe is hotter? Set your DVRs and vote below.


Emilia has herself a kind of dual beauty. In her normal life she's a charming, outgoing, peach of a girl with a beautiful smile, a lovely head of brown hair and a sweet personality. Then she puts on the wig to play Daenerys Targaryen and becomes a different person. I don't know what it is about that blonde hair, but you'd hardly recognize her when she puts that thing on. That combined with Daenery's aloof intensity transforms Emilia completely. It's the best parts of cosmetics and performance producing a totally different person. I'm fascinated with them both.

There's little doubt Lauren is beautiful. She manages to look beautiful on a show that doesn't put a lot of emphasis on beautiful things. She looks beautiful covered in the blood of the undead and also when it looks like her character has been wearing the same clothes for days and probably doesn't smell too great. We know she's beautiful all cleaned up in a magazine spread. All that being said, I'm still just a little bit more keen on Emilia here. It's a narrow margin though.


I think it was the first scene in the pilot episode of GoT when Emilia steps out of that giant tub, totally in the buff. It was instant proof of what a great show this was going to be and how big a star she and her fine ass were going to become. 3 years on and the promise of that moment has delivered and then some. I can't speak for you, but for me things just aren't complete in any new GoT season until Emilia takes it off. Considering all the things going in this show, that's saying something.

There's a surprising lack of skin on TWD. Skin that's not putrid and peeling from the bones of walkers anyway. Granted, it's basic cable so they can't get naked, but there's still some wiggle room there. I assume they're shooting their standards and practices wad with violence and sacrificing the sex part in the bargain. That means what we know of Lauren's body comes mostly from other shows and photo spreads she's done. That's okay though, because what we have is sufficient to show that Lauren has a fantastic body. Makes me hope they can clear out those zombies long enough to let Maggie get in some bikini sun bathing without fear of being devoured alive.


Again, it comes down to Emilia and her GoT alter ego. In real life Emilia's hotness sources from how much of a cutie pie she is. With that sweet as honey personality and English charm, she's one of the sexiest women I can think of. I'd probably do just about anything for her. Then you got her on GoT - powerful, principled, determined, ruthless. That also comes across as pretty damn hot. I'd do just about anything for the Mother of Dragons as well. Two different personalities, same result. Funny how that works.

Maggie on TWD ain't no pushover either. She's proved herself more than capable of putting blunt objects through the skulls of undead, which brings a certain degree of hotness all its own. Plus, like Daenerys, she stands by her man. Gotta appreciate that. In real life, Lauren is a sweetie like Emilia, with the same charm and soothing British accent. She can also make love to the camera, as you can see above. That's something she doesn't get to do very often on TWD, which adds even more significance to her photo spreads.


What's GoT got? Sword fights, medieval times, castles, beheadings, plot twists, naked women, lots of sex with naked women, explosions, war, fire-breathing dragons, zombies, dwarves. I mean honestly, what the hell else could you ask for?

Yeah, TWD is missing some of the stuff over in Emilia's column, but they more than make up for it in gore and style. And just like with GoT, you never know who's going to buy it from season to season. I sure hope they don't go the normal horror route and off the people who've had sex, like Maggie and Glenn have. Now that they're a solid couple, I suspect one or both of them is ripe for a fall. The show is already hinting that something nasty is coming down the pipe for this group. It's really going to suck if Maggie is included in that.


Two hotties with so many attributes in common produce yet another tough choice for me. Gotta go with Emilia though. Something about her is always going to stand out in my eyes.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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