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Face Off: Emilia Clarke vs. Amber Heard

06.29.2015by: Droz

Amanda Seyfried had the voting advantage over Anna Kendrick in our previous Face Off, with a number of tie votes placed for both. Clearly many of you seem to love the two of them about the same.

Two women who come across in no way the same are Emilia Clarke and Amber Heard, who both have their movies TERMINATOR: GENISYS and MAGIC MIKE XXL opening this week. One is a blonde, bisexual, Texan who positively drips with a stimulating concoction of intense sexuality and down-to-earth coolness. The other is a brunette Brit with a sweeter than sugar vibe and a ton of geek cred. No doubt the OCD cases who need everything to align in perfect symmetry will scoff at attempts to compare them. I see their differences making the selection of one over the other here a far easier matter. So which of these two dissimilar yet equally desirable hotties do you favor?


Emilia's face is one of the more lovely visages I've seen in some time, even more so when she's smiling. There's a pacifying effect to most smiles (with the exception of the creepy variety, be they intentionally so or not). Emilia's grins are especially powerful in that way. I have zero animosity toward her, but if I did have some sort of grudge, all she need do is give me one of her smiles and all would be resolved. I could never stay mad at her.

Amber has an interesting mix of things happening with her beauty. She's got the glamorous, big screen beauty thing, reminiscent of many a larger than life screen legend. There's also a very human sweetness about her that's not unlike Emilia in that it comes through when she smiles. You don't see that kind of duality very often from women in her line. That's one of the things I like about Amber. You can't easily categorize her.


Every GoT fan knows what's up here. Emilia's bod is one of those things we all eagerly anticipate with each new season, along with horrible, soul-crushing deaths of major characters and frustratingly unsatisfying season finales. It remains unclear if we're going to see much of her bod anymore on that show. Yet few will ever forget how amazing she looked getting out of those tubs. Emilia can get out of tubs with the best of them.

Amber is one of those complete packages, eminently desirable from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. There's nothing happening on any part of her that doesn't look like it was specifically designed to get you off in the most epic of ways. Even in its least polished state, her body is way hotter than pretty much any body I've ever seen.


I gotta be honest and say that I don't think Emilia does the whole seductress thing very well. She tries, like when she's at the premieres or other things that require her to make eyes at a camera. It doesn't come across as genuine when she does it. She's far more persuasive when she's just being the cute, happy, easy-going sweetheart she is. It's also no coincidence that she's at her hottest at those moments.

On the flip side of Emilia here is Amber. Amber is hot 24/7, but her hotness doesn't really kick in until she has a chance to incorporate those come hither eyes she knows so much about. Girl can make anyone think that she's about to rip off their clothes and ride them like a rodeo horse. You can't teach that. It's gotta come natural.


It's pretty crazy how good fortune has benefited Emilia's career. She got her start doing supporting roles in a couple of shitty TV productions. Then she landed Game of Thrones and the rest has been gravy. Had Emilia not gotten the role of Daenerys Targaryen, we'd likely have no clue who she is today. Some argue that the acclaim she gets is undeserved and that she's a bad actress. I haven't decided on that yet. Only more gigs reaped from her GoT good fortune will reveal the truth there. Lucky or skilled, Emilia still has the more energetic career right now.

Like Emilia, I'm also undecided about Amber's cred as an actress. She gets more work than Emilia and she's been around longer in the biz. However, her gigs trend toward the mediocre side of things a lot of the time. Perhaps those mediocre gigs were behind some of Amber's equally mediocre performances, or maybe she's just not that great an actress. Maybe it's both those things. As it stand now, Amber's not-so-private life seems to be the far more important factor to her celebrity than her acting. That sounds like second place material to me.


Yet another case of career success saving the day. Emilia is a sexy sweetheart of a girl for sure, but one could also say the same for Amber. Emilia's good fortune to be Daenerys Targaryen and Sarah Connor is way more than anything Amber can brag on. Clearly Emilia is looking to preserve the upward career trend she's on, but if I were her I'd hope and pray the GoT writers never turn their murderous gazes her way.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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