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Face Off: Ellen Ripley vs. Sarah Connor

10.28.2013by: Droz

I'd say it was too close to call between Emilia Clarke and Lauren Cohan in our last Face Off. That's as it should be. They're both beautiful English hotties with two monstrously popular shows. We shouldn't have to choose between them if we don't want to.

Here we are at Halloween time again. Isn't this the best, all around holiday of the year? Everybody can have fun on Halloween. With Thanksgiving you have to go hang out with your annoying family and get fat stuffing your face with admittedly delicious food. Then you do that all over again at Christmas, only now you also go broke trying to buy shit for everyone. What do you do on Halloween? You put on a costume and get a huge haul of candy. Or, if you're one of those people who likes to think of themselves as an adult, you put on a costume, party all night, get plowed and quite possibly get laid. That sounds like the most wonderful time of the year to me.

Me, I like to accompany my costuming, boozing and sexcapades with marathon screenings of my favorite horror and or scary movies. Two movies which often find their way onto my Halloween line-up are the ALIEN and TERMINATOR movies. They're always good to set the mood for this time of year. Those two movies also have fairly similar female leads at the heart of their stories, Lt. Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor. Sounds like a good opportunity for a comparison. So which of these two scary sci-fi movie heroines is your favorite? Scroll down like an express elevator to hell and cast your vote!


Not easy to make a call on this one, as neither of these movies is all that concerned with making either Ripley or Sarah out to be anything like a beauty queen. That's understandable. Running for your life from vicious, killer robots or vicious, killer aliens doesn't leave a lot of time for looking one's best. Still, even under those less than ideal circumstances for beauty, neither of these ladies was ever totally nasty-looking. So I'm giving them a tie vote for fairness sake.

← That.


Again, it's that thing where sex appeal becomes a secondary priority. That's something relatively unheard of anymore. Women in sci-fi movies nowadays almost always have to have some kind of pleasant visual attribute happening. Not so back in the day. Though Ripley did show a fondness for barely there panties in few scenes throughout the ALIEN franchise, the best being the scene in the escape pod from ALIEN. I don't think anyone has ever looked hotter while climbing into an astronaut suit.

I suppose it's weird that I give the win to the one character who didn't have a naked sex scene in her movie franchise. Though to be fair, John Connor's conception was rather cheesy in that 80s sex scene way. For the rest of the movies, Sarah is pretty much your crazy, gun-toting, militant type without much in the way of anything sexy. Unless a Colt Commando CAR-15 with a sound suppressor or a Remington 870 with the folding stock is what you'd call sexy. For the rest of us who don't live in Texas, it was pretty clear Sarah wasn't in the mood.


Yep →

Well, they may not always look like much, but you know both these ladies can fully kick ass, as well as take an ass kicking and keep coming back for more. Hell, Ripley came back from the dead so she could keep killing aliens, so you know she's devoted to demolishing shit. I can't even remember how many times Sarah connor was shot, impaled and/or stabbed with something during the course of her adventures. Yet she never gave up looking after her boy. Definitely two tough ladies here. I'd like to see them thrown down against one another. That would surely be the cat fight to end all cat fights.


These are two of the most iconic characters in sci-fi movies, but if you think about it, Ripley and Sarah Connor are kind of the same person. They both start out as normal, unassuming people who get caught up something much larger than themselves which transforms them from mild-mannered, ordinary people to hard-charging vigilantes, desperate to protect the one thing that can save the world from utter destruction. I wouldn't know how to pick a winner between them. Maybe we'll just give the win to James Cameron for having so much to do with how great these characters are.

← Exactly.


We all know that Sigourney Weaver went on to have a prominent and celebrated career as a mainstream actress after playing Ripley in ALIEN. However, the irony is that despite all her acclaim, she's very much like Linda in that most folks still remember her for that one role over most of her other parts. The big news throughout her career has always been when she's played Ripley again in one of the many ALIEN sequels, or when she does sci-fi in general with films like GALAXY QUEST or PAUL. She's great in most things, but we seem to prefer Sigourney in sci-fi.

I wouldn't say Linda Hamilton is a bad actress. I always thought she did a good job in the TERMINATOR movies, which are still the biggest things on her resume, at least as far as I'm concerned. Sure, she's done a ton of stuff since, but I think most of us still know her best as Sarah Connor. That's not a bad thing, but overall I'd call Sigourney the bigger ticket.


As far as fearsome fighters go, these two wrecking ball women are fairly equally matched. Ripley's occasional forays into sexy panties and her alter ego's skills as an actress give her a leg up and thus the win for me. I'd still hate to pick a winner in any contest of badassness between them.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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