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Face Off: Ellen Page vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

03.04.2013by: Droz

It was a tie game between Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence in last week's Face Off. I can understand that. Naomi has the history, but Jennifer's got the momentum. Plus, they're both hotties in their own rights. Interesting how Jennifer seems to generate so much ire in a few of you though. I agree that she's not a traditional hottie in some respects, but she's clearly hot, talented and a truly kind, affable person. She may not be your thing visually, but why all the hate?

This week we're looking at a pair of ladies who have what I consider to be a true, natural beauty. Even without a trace of makeup, Ellen Page and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are gorgeous. Maybe it's just me, but I respect the natural beauty more than anything crafted out of blush and eye shadow tricks. To me, one is obliged to give extra love to the ladies who can go plain and still impress. But which one of these natural beauties is your favorite? Give us your vote below.


These two have different angles on their beauty, but I like them both anyway. Ellen has that pixie-like thing happening that some have erroneously associated with being boyish. I don't know how one can look at that face and think she looks like a boy. I guess because she's got straight hair and doesn't wear gobs of makeup, she's boyish? Nothing but the best feminine qualities happening there. If you're thinking of guys when you look at her, you may have other issues you need to address.

We've spoken time and again about the inherent beauty of Mary, so I think everybody is up to speed on that. She's got those big, beautiful doe eyes and lovely, full face that I know many of you love. I suppose those qualities give her a beauty people can more easily call feminine. Or maybe it's the fact that Mary tries a little harder at that glamorous movie star thing, whereas Ellen is more the modest type. They may have different styles, but I like what they do just the same.


This might be the area that prompts people to think of Ellen as the boyish type. She's not all that shapely, as least in the way many people feel a woman should be. Combine that with her tiny, 5-foot frame and the fact that she's not the sort for clothes designed to titillate and you have a reason for such presumptions. So she's never going to be a supermodel. There are worse things not to be.

Mary is probably what more of us are thinking about when we envision a truly sexy, female body. She's always had that going for her, even if she's is similarly disinclined to showing all of it off. Unfortunate that she hasn't gone there, though we've seen enough of her in various states of undress to know that if she ever decides to do a full on nude scene, it's going to be spectacular.


Again, not an area where Ellen excels or really has any interest in excelling. That's how it looks from my perspective anyway. Turning people on doesn't seem to be Ellen's priority in most things. Maybe in private she turns into a sexual dynamo, but it's pretty clear that as far as her public and professional life goes, being perceived as hot is about the farthest thing from her mind. Or at least that's what she wants us to think.

Being a sexy creature is no issue for Mary, who is perfectly willing to turn it on when the role calls for it. I think we all remember her in that cheerleader outfit from DEATH PROOF, or better yet, seducing a horribly mismatched Michael Cera in nothing but her underwear in SCOTT PILGRIM. Girl has hotness in spades and she's not afraid to demonstrate that fact, given the opportunity.


I was really tempted to give Mary the win here, just to spite the wretched JUNO, which is pretty close to being the bane of my existence. But there's no reason to get spiteful. I'm willing to overlook that one and acknowledge her more favorable performances in movies like HARD CANDY or INCEPTION or SUPER. She's got the skills and she does make some good movies. I just hope she can continue to get away from those snarky teenage roles that have threatened to typecast her in the past.

I enjoyed Mary in the recent SMASHED and I do hope she gets some better roles out of it. The quality of her performance proves she's clearly overqualified for a lot of work she's done in the past. I wont say that everything she's done outside of that movie was bad, but it's still an underwhelming resume at best. Stuff like the wretched THE THING remake or her involvement with FINAL DESTINATION series are marks against her. She did look great in all of them, though, I'll give her that.


Two fantastic ladies, different in a lot of ways, but still beautiful by nature. Doesn't matter what the angle, the lighting, the setting, the hair, the clothes, whatever - they're always stunners. Mary may come out ahead in a Face Off, but I remain equally enchanted with them both.

There's my choice. Which one is yours?


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